Singer now on song 1935 Singer Nine Sports
The Singer didn’t make it to the Brooklands British Car Day in April. I had reassembled the engine with its new valvegear (camshaft, rockers, valves, the lot), and fitted the torque reaction rod that I devised to cure the clutch judder in reverse gear. This was a total success, so reversing up my driveway was no longer a torture. But still the engine’s pep wasn’t what it should be, so we took my Rover 2000 TC instead. What to do next?
Bulldog resto all the latest progress, and a look back at the press reception in Spring 1980
The body panels are on, the wiring is in, and the engine is back together – Bulldog’s restoration enters the home straight. Photography Words John Simister AMY SHORE/CMC. Light show RESTORATION BULLDOG ‘The doors go on today,’ says Nigel Woodward, head of Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth where the Bulldog is undergoing the most painstaking of resurrections. It’s not the first time the powered gullwing doors have been on during the Bulldog’s time at CMC.
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