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Ben Birch

Ben Birch Ben Birch Citroën DS, CX, Traction Avant, XM, C6 and new 2023 C5X 1 year ago

Citroën vs BMW

I enjoyed reading your excellent feature on Citroën 60 countdown. I was lucky enough to own a 1986 CX GTi Turbo 2 for 10 years until 1998. This was an amazing and underrated machine, hard to own, easy to love, a pleasure to waft in, weird to corner at speed. Its quirks were numerous, as if Salvador Dali had managed the production line. Exterior trim was held on by sticky typewriter ribbon, the boot hinge broke and appeared to come from a factory that made suitcase catches. Despite these flaws, its sleek long body turned discerning heads, and is still a lesson in how a car could be futuristic and beautiful. In contrast to Citroën’s elegant approach to design, look at your second fave marque, BMW, whose stylist seems hellbent on giving us cars that would make dogs weep. The DrivesToday team has obviously fallen underthe spell of this brand, which now produces some of the least attractive cars they’ve ever come up with. The bulbous i7 looks like a cutand- shut of three post-war Rovers. The grungy M2 with nose parts modified from a Dodge truck. The macho iX with a bodykit made from a bag of Darth Vader helmets. Citroën proves it’s good to be different and innovative, if not always perfect dynamically. Kia and Hyundai prove you can build technologically advanced cars that also look good. Why can’t BMW do this like they used to?

Ben Birch Ben Birch 250bhp 2011 Mini Coupe Cooper S 1.6 R58 1 year ago

Very nice colour and wheels

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