Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

As the first-ever Team Schirmer GT car in North America, this F87 M2 Competition is a full-on, hardcore package boasting a razor-sharp and ultra-focused chassis setup, ultra-aggressive carbon styling, and so much more.

Words: Elizabeth de Latour

Photos: David Taflevich

Team America

This F87 M2 Comp has the honour of being the first Team Schirmer GT car in the States, and it’s an insanely highlevel hardcore machine.

Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

The appeal of a hardcore build is easy to understand and hard to resist. Fully focused cars are just built, different, literally, with nothing but the ultimate in top-end parts in terms of wheels, brakes, suspension, interior, performance – the whole package. If you want to build a hardcore machine, you can’t cut any corners if you want to do things properly, and you need the focus to execute your vision perfectly. Dom (@ebisueight) is the man with the means and the motivation, and his Team Schirmer M2 Competition is all the proof you need.

Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

For Dom, it was a family BMW that served as his first introduction to the brand, and his passion for BMW grew from there. “My dad used to have a green 2002 that I loved as a kid, and ever since, I always wanted a BMW,” he smiles as we chat. “There was just something about the style, quality and overall appeal to driving one. The ones that I gravitate towards these days are the older E30/ E36/E46 styles. Perhaps one day I’ll own those generations,” he adds, but so far, it’s been the modern BMs that have found their way into his ownership.

“My first BMW was just an E92 Coupé, a 2007 328i. It was black on black, with an upgraded M Sport exterior and OEM 359s. I really enjoyed that car; I commuted with it daily and loved it,” Dom enthuses, and after having got a taste of the E92, it wasn’t long before he found himself gravitating to the generation’s ultimate incarnation. “The car I owned/built before the M2 was an Alpine white E92 M3. It had it all: OEM GTS parts, Harrop supercharger, BBS E88s, SPL arms, Akra GT4 exhaust, Recaros and the list goes on and on,” he recalls with a smile. “It was an absolute beauty in my opinion. After four years or so, I kinda got bored and sold it,” and that might come as a surprise, but so often, the thrill is in the build, especially when you’re a serial modder. “I’ve always done something to my cars, sometimes minor, sometimes over the top,” Dom tells us. “At the end of the day, I enjoy the process and giving it a personal touch. I would admit that sometimes I get bored, and I probably should have slowed down the mod process/build to enjoy them for a bit longer, but once the itch comes, I gotta scratch it,” he laughs, and we know that feeling all too well.

Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

With a void left behind after the sale of his M3 that needed filling, Dom wanted a car that would be able to match up to that epic build. “I took a few months to decide what I wanted and given my M3 build, I knew I had to do something equally special, if not more,” he says. “I took my time and considered a few different cars; one in particular was an E46 Comp from EAG or a new M2 Comp. I decided on the M2 Comp and bought it brand new from a local BMW dealership (thanks, Evan), and he delivered it to my house on 14 April 2020 with 10 miles on it,” says Dom, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do. “I chose the M2 because I saw the potential to do something here in the US that hadn’t been done before. After a lot of drooling on Team Schirmer’s IG page, I knew I had to have one. Typically, their cars are black, but I opted for Alpine white. I had a spreadsheet ready to go with everything I wanted to do,” he adds with a grin, and with that, it was time to get stuck in.

Dom didn’t start out by going all-in, though, and the M2’s first stage of evolution was just a warm-up act. “I started out with AP Essex brakes and MCS 2WNR coilovers; in fact, those parts arrived before I had the car!” he laughs. “Then BBS wheels as soon as I could, followed by some minor exterior pieces from IND like paint-matched side markers and emblems. I added some OEM Euro BMW parts like the side mirrors, tail lights and sun visors, along with some minor interior tweaks like my KMP steering wheel and CAE shifter. Those satisfied me for the first 3800 miles,” he grins, but after enjoying his M2 in this form for a while, it was time to up the ante.

Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

“Then the teardown and build began of my Schirmer GT,” enthuses Dom. “I reached out to Tom at Team Schirmer to see what is possible in having the first Team Schirmer GT car in the States. After one phone call, we had a plan, and we put it in motion. Tom set all the kinematics himself and shipped it all to me for me to install in my garage. All new spherical arms, end links, diff lift kit, Nitron R3 coilovers, camber plates and bushings. I am thankful every day that I was able to make this happen as a lot of us follow Team Schirmer in the States, we replicate the look. I’m grateful to have the real deal, and that’s what makes this car so special,” smiles Dom. The Team Schirmer chassis setup has endowed the already impressive M2 with nextlevel handling that makes it an absolutely electrifying drive, and it delivers maximum driving thrills. Dom has already touched on his choice of wheels, but it was always this M2’s destiny to wear these wheels. “BBS E88s were always the choice and were ordered immediately following my car purchase, no questions about it,” he grins. “However, with long wait times, I had a few other options to try along the way. From BBS REs, FIRs, to RIAs (thanks, Slicer),” he adds. “In the end, I now have two sets of E88s, gold and an all-black set. I plan on ordering a silver set as well. There’s even a set of Magnesium Blue TE37s sitting in boxes just in case I want to rock a JDM look on this car,” grins Dom.

Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

The E88s are absolutely awesome, lightweight motorsport wheels that were practically made for a build like this, and while the chassis setup is all about handling, the way this M2 sits so low has those fat sidewalls tucked way up into the arches, and it looks fantastic for it. For the exterior, Dom hit the Team Schirmer catalogue to get his M2 looking perfect. “I knew I wanted all the aero from Team Schirmer. From the front splitter to the rear wing, and carbon Kevlar hood. All parts from Team Schirmer are made so well, quality and fitment were all 10 of 10. I even opted for the Alpha-N carbon fenders as well. Also, my Garage Welt chequered sunstrip and wrapped pieces throughout the car. Garage Welt has a huge influence on me with this car. I absolutely love how the exterior turned out,” he grins, and we totally get why.

The Team Schirmer aero additions add so much aggression to the M2, and this small, wide two-door isn’t exactly lacking presence to begin with. We love the carbon-Kevlar vented bonnet and the ultra-aggressive spitter, while the rear wing lets you know this M2 really means business. And then you’ve got those awesome vented front wings and the diffuser that fills out the rear bumper to perfection, while the Alpine white bodywork really makes all that carbon fibre stand out, and it’s sensational. And speaking of sensational, that’s exactly what the interior is. “I wanted to have something clean and simple,” explains Dom. “I opted for a KMP steering wheel and CAE shifter to start. A CAE shifter was a must – I had one on my M3 and absolutely loved it,” he enthuses. “Then I wired up an AiM MXG display using the OEM M2CSR dash surround because why not?” he laughs.

Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

“I added a half cage painted Alpine white made by Stahlus Rennsportzellen with seat delete in Alcantara. Then I changed all the blue stitching left in the car to black. Finally, I finished it off with Recaro Pole Position ABE seats with carbon fibre backs. I’m using a combination of Team Schirmer/ Lightweight Performance seat system that I combined to use with the Nightrunner International x Willans six-point harness (thanks, Reggie),” and that rounds off a comprehensively upgraded interior. The seats, shifter and cage are all great, but for us, it’s the AIM digital dash display housed in the instrument binnacle that sets this interior apart, and adds that motorsport cherry on top of a hardcore cake.

Finally, Dom has not forgotten about the S55 sitting beneath that sexy carbon Kevlar bonnet, and while he hasn’t gone mad with power, he’s certainly cranked up the spice level. “The engine internals have been left stock, and I’ve upgraded all the bolt-ons with DO88 from the intake and charge pipes to all cooling options. It’s also tuned by Bend Calibration using EcuTek (thanks, Ian),” he explains. So that means that under the bonnet, you will find a DO88 J-pipe, chargecooler, charge pipes, heat exchanger, turbo inlet pipes and intake system, and combined with the EcuTek tune and Akrapovic downpipes, this M2 now has some serious horsepower to play with. And thanks to the Active Autowerke single mid-pipe and Akrapovic slip-on rear silencers, it sounds seriously good, too.

Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

In just two years, Dom has made his Team Schirmer dream a reality, and the end result is staggeringly good. This M2 Comp really is the complete package; Dom has put together an awesome machine that proudly wears some top-tier upgrades, and he’s been incredibly hands-on with the whole build process. “All work on the car was done on my own in my garage aside from the paintwork on the added exterior mods. I take pride and love that process of wrenching on my car,” says Dom, and that makes this machine all the more impressive.

And, unsurprisingly, it’s the Team Schirmer chassis enhancements that set this M2 apart for Dom. “My favourite part of the build has got to be the parts you can’t see, the Team Schirmer GT kinematics etc. For me, it’s that special,” he says with a smile.

And with a build so complete and carefully curated, there’s only one thing left for Dom to do. “I definitely need to make time to get out and drive this car. I don’t drive it as much as I’d like; work, travel, and life experiences keep me quite busy,” he sighs, but that’s just how it is. “Depending on how much longer I keep this car, I think a single-turbo conversion would be awesome. Other than that, I’m very happy with how it sits today.

“In the end, I wanted to show what was possible on this platform or at least my version of the possible. I believe I have achieved some great things with this build. The first Schirmer GT car in North America, Garage Welt honoured my build on one of their decks last year (love you GWLT), and I achieved the goals I’ve set for myself, including this unexpected feature,” says Dom with a smile.

So, with so many achievements ticked off, what’s next? “I’m planning on getting a Porsche 997.2 GT3. I already have a spreadsheet started,” laughs Dom, and this build shows you the power of a solid spreadsheet. But regardless of what he ends up with next, this mighty M2, the first-ever Team Schirmer GT build in the States, will always have a special place in his heart, and the experience and memories of building it will stay with him forever.

THANKS Brett at Slicer Paddock, Tom and the team at Team Schirmer, Ian at Bend Calibration, Evan at BMW, Reggie at NRI and Garage Welt. Special thanks to David for the photos @d_t_a_f on IG

I chose the M2 because I saw the potential to do something here in the US that hadn’t been done before.

After a lot of drooling on Team Schirmer’s IG page, I knew I had to have one… I had a spreadsheet ready to go with everything I wanted to do

TECHNICAL DATA Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

  • ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION: 3.0-litre twin-turbo S55B30, DO88 J-pipe, chargecooler, charge pipes, heat exchanger, turbo inlet pipes, intake system and oil cooler, Akrapovic downpipes, Active Autowerke single mid-pipe, Akrapovic slip-on exhaust, EcuTek tuned by Bend Calibration, Bend Calibration Ultimate Flex Fuel Kit. Six-speed manual gearbox
  • CHASSIS: 10.5x18” (front) and 11x18” (rear) BBS E88 wheels with gold Open Lug Race Pocket centres, polished lips, MSI 80mm stud kit, 265/35 (front) and 295/30 (rear) Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tyres, Team Schirmer GT full kinematics front and rear set by Tom Schirmer, Team Schirmer Nitron R3 coilovers, diff lift kit and end links, SLON carbon fibre front core bumper support and carbon fibre upper brace complete replacement, Rogue Engineering transmission bushes, AP Essex Radi-CAL Pro5000R BBK with 372mm (front) and 365mm (rear) discs, Spiegler brake lines
  • EXTERIOR: Team Schirmer front GT spoiler and splitter, carbon Kevlar vented bonnet and carbon fibre GT rear wing, Alpha-N vented front carbon arches, BMW M Performance carbon fibre side badges and mirror caps, OEM Euro aspherical mirror glass, OEM M235iR boot lid, OEM Euro rear lights, IND gloss black front and rear roundels, gloss black M2 front grille badge, and Alpine white front reflector delete, Acexxon gloss black honeycomb rear reflector insert, AutoTecknic rear diffuser
  • INTERIOR: KMP Drivetrain steering wheel with Night Runner International titanium bolts, CAE Racing Shifter anodised black with black POM knob and gold knob, Ultimate Clutch Pedal, OEM M Performance handbrake handle, OEM Euro sun visors, OEM Euro rear fog light switch, DIY GTS Alcantara armrest, Recaro Pole Position ABE seats with carbon fibre shells, Team Schirmer Seat Runner System, AiM MXG 1.2 Strada digital dash display, OEM M2 CS Racing dash surround, STAHLUS Rennsportzellen half-cage, Lightweight Performance Alcantara seat delete
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