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Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

As the first-ever Team Schirmer GT car in North America, this F87 M2 Competition is a full-on, hardcore package boasting a razor-sharp and ultra-focused chassis setup, ultra-aggressive carbon styling, and so much more.

535bhp BMW M2 Competition F87

Taut, honed and refined, this hardcore Comp is an M2 turned up to 11.

707hp Dodge Hellcat 6.2-litre supercharged V8 engined BMW M2 Comp F87

M2 too tame for you? How about stuffing a 6.2-litre, 707hp supercharged Hellcat V8 under the bonnet? It’s a concept so outrageous it feels like it shouldn’t exist, and yet you’re looking at it, and it’s every bit as insane as you’d hope.

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