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2014 Jaguar XK Dynamic R X150

A decade since the end of XK production was announced, we revisit the model’s swansong, the XK Dynamic R.

First production car to feature Apple CarPlay - Ferrari FF 2014

Page through the CAR guide section at the back of the magazine and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a new model that does not incorporate some form of smartphone integration; be it simple Bluetooth connectivity, or touchscreen systems that accommodate Android Auto or Apple CarPlay functionality. And it was the latter that set the scene for the sort of phone-to- car interaction we enjoy in so many of our vehicles right now.

2014 BMW i8 Coupe l12

A decade ago, you’d have put money on the sports/supercar market being the sector where EVs and hybrids had the least chance of success. Yet the latter is now saturated by makers boasting EV powertrains with ever-increasingly ridiculous horsepower figures.

2014 Aston Martin Vantage N430 Coupe

Should one of a hundred Nürburgring-themed 2014 Vantage N430 Coupe models be mothballed as a potential investment or simply be driven and enjoyed for the purpose it was designed for? We hit the roads of County Durham to find out.

2014 BMW X5 xDrive 40d F15

The F15 X5 represents an excellent option for those in the market for a used SUV daily driver – we take a look at serial BMW owner Ron Edgington’s example.

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