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2009 BMW 535d Automatic E60

There had been quick diesels before the E60 535d made its debut, but none of them had the breadth and depth of ability of BMW’s twin-turbo executive bruiser.

Supercharged 500bhp 2005 Alpina B5 E60

Alpina’s B5 was the only factory-produced supercharged 5 Series E60 and made a glorious alternative to the ubiquitous M5 E60.

Supercharged V10 S85 680bhp BMW M5 E60

Putting out almost 700hp from its supercharged V10, when this beast of an E60 M5 rolls by, the ground shakes, and it feels like the world is about to collapse…

Incredible manual swapped BMW M5 E60 V10

There’s no missing this E60 M5, whether you’re being dazzled by the satin blue wrap or deafened by the sound of a 5.0-litre V10 sucking in air through carbon velocity stacks, and it’s a simply sensational super saloon that goes big in every way.

BMW M5 E60 vs. M5 F10

The BMW M5 has long been considered king of the sports saloons but what’s better than owning one? Owning two, of course! We catch up with Don Wearing to discuss his E60 and F10 duo. Which one would you choose?

2007 BMW 535d M Sport E60

Resplendent in Velvet Blue Metallic, this E60 535d M Sport is something of a smiling assassin…

800bhp 2JZ-powered BMW E60

Unassuming on the outside, absolutely chaotic on the inside, this sublime E60 sleeper is making a monstrous 800hp, but it’s doing it with a Japanese powerplant – purists look away now…

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