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2006 BMW 630i E63
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2007 BMW M6 E63

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Elizabeth de Latour 3 months ago #

AAh, the start of a new year! I want to say it feels exciting because I don’t want to be jaded and down about life and everything that’s going on around us. I’m looking forward to seeing where this year takes us, and I’m hoping it’s in a good direction. I had a really nice Christmas, I hope you did too (even though it seems forever ago, now…), and I feel ready to face another year. Also, while I happen to like winter, especially when it’s a nice sunny day outside like it is right now, I’m really looking forward to summer, to car shows, to catching up with friends and enjoying car stuff.

And if you’re looking for car stuff to enjoy, this new issue of PBMW that you’re holding in your hands is just what you need and the perfect way to start your year. We’re all about going big and starting how you mean to go on, which is why our cover car is a real monster of an F13 M6. It’s undergone some serious upgrades and is now pushing 1000hp, and it’s an absolute animal. And speaking of wild builds, we’ve also gone to Sweden to bring you a 2002 that’s definitely not one for the purists, seeing as it’s a drag build running a 700whp turbo Barra swap, which is certain to get some eyebrows twitching. Sticking with engine swaps but keeping things closer to home, we’ve got a rather lovely E30 Cab that’s not only running an S54 swap but also an E46 M3 SMG II gearbox to go with it, which is definitely not something you see every day, and we like this build a lot. It’s not the only E30 we’ve got in this issue because, within these pages, you will also find an absolutely stunning E30 M3 running a 2.5 S14. Plus we’ve also got a supercharged E46 330i Touring and a 435d Gran Coupé that’s packing some serious diesel muscle, and it’s all topped off with our Car of the Year 2021 results! Next issue, our cover car is an awesome wide-body E31 850Ci E31 build from SEMA, and it’s a spectacular machine you don’t want to miss! As always, please enjoy everything the February/March issue has to offer, and I will see you next time!

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