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N54B30-engined 460bhp 2010 BMW 335i Touring E91

Touring isn’t the most obvious model to modify into a track car, but with some serious hardware, an eight minute Nürburgring lap time and a top speed of 180mph, the results for this one speak for themselves.

2010 BMW 335i Manual E90

With prices of the E9x M3 spiralling into the stratosphere, the 335i could be a savvy way to scratch the itch. With practicality, classy understated styling and that peachy twin-turbo straight-six, is there anything not to like?

360bhp M57 engined BMW 335d E90

What started out as a humble 330d has been reimagined as an angry torque monster. Gammi Younis’ 535d-powered E90 hates tyres and wants them to be destroyed…

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