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Bagged Stage 3 370bhp Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5 gets the full works

Dig beneath the clean lines of Jack Fanning’s Mk5 GTI and you’ll find a show-and-go car more thoroughly put together than you might first expect…

Home-built Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5

Christian Gale’s show-stopping, home-built GTI returns to PVW with some hard-fought updates that put it back among the UK’s best.

Mark Fisher’s 2006 Volkswagen Golf Edition 30 Mk5

The more you look at Mark Fisher’s Edition 30, the more dazzling details you uncover. By paying particular attention to the small stuff, he’s created something devilishly good…

3.2-litre R32 VR6 engined Volkswagen Golf Estate Mk5

Ryan Castleman’s Mk5 estate may be packing a world-first engine and drivetrain transplant, but this is more than just a power game. This guy wants it all

Fully refinished in RAL Pink 250bhp 2006 Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk5

It’s like Barbie has spent a heavy night in Wetherspoons, necked a few Jägerbombs, snogged some strangers and then got herself an ASBO and an STD whilst fighting over a Doner Kebab, only in Polo GTi form

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