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320bhp 1.8T 2OVT APX from Audi TT engined 1991 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2

Just around the corner from PVW Towers, this Kentish MK2 has been lovingly nurtured for the past seven years. Having sprouted a luscious array of period parts and a healthy 1.8T conversion, it’s now fully in bloom…

Stuart Wood’s 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7.5 is a 400bhp track weapon

Combining an aviation-grade approach to engineering and two decades of global influences, Stuart Wood’s Mk7.5 GTI is a 400hp track weapon that can cut it with New Zealand’s best showcars.

Big bumpers, G60 arches 1.8 8v PB engined 1988 Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk2

When Tweaked Performance’s main man, Gerald Morten was considering a project car, he just had to scratch the Mk2 Golf GTI itch that had been bugging him for the last 40 years.

Bagged 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk6 features turbo upgrade, APR tune, BBS splits, 35th bumper & more

Very little beats that news car smell or the benefits that come with buying a car brand new. We ask Dave Raybould whether the novelty, or that smell, ever wears off.

2.0TFSI, 210bhp engined Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6

Despite the snow and associated carnage on Scottish roads, Motorway Maintenance worker, Grant Gilliland made time to wax lyrical about his Mk6 on his busiest week of the year. This thing is cooler than the freezing temperatures...

Home-built Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5

Christian Gale’s show-stopping, home-built GTI returns to PVW with some hard-fought updates that put it back among the UK’s best.

BMP Tuning 321bhp most modified Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk8

Autrey McVicker at BMP Tuning has assembled the most modified Mk8 GTI to date and arguably the most powerful, too, but it wasn’t easy…

Fully refinished in RAL Pink 250bhp 2006 Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk5

It’s like Barbie has spent a heavy night in Wetherspoons, necked a few Jägerbombs, snogged some strangers and then got herself an ASBO and an STD whilst fighting over a Doner Kebab, only in Polo GTi form

1975 Volkswagen Golf 1.1 Mk1 Lofoten Green swallowtail

How do you top an immaculate, Florida blue series 1 VW Golf? For Richard Stringer, the answer lay in this uber-rare, 1975 Lofoten Green swallowtail

2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

I­t is safe to say the latest generation of fast Volkswagen Golf has not been accorded the rapturous reception its creators may have hoped for and, given the breed’s recent past, expected too.

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