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DTM-inspired Volkswagen Polo Mk4 with 241hp of 1.9 TDI-swapped performance on tap

Faced with a wrecked project car and no quick fix, Dawid Szejn channelled half a lifetime of motorsport influences into his daily driver – a DTM-inspired Volkswagen Polo Mk4 with 241hp of 1.9 TDI-swapped performance on tap.

Andy Mcvicker and Travis Rock 1996 Volkswagen Polo Harlekin Mk3

Do not adjust your monitor, remove your rose-tinted glasses, or begin to question your corporeality. You can shelve any existential crises you may be experiencing and just accept your reality. This is not a test. Yes, there is not one, but two multi-coloured Polos on the pages before you.

Race Spec 1.6 AEE engined 1994 Volkswagen Polo Coupe Mk2F 86C on carbs

Very little beats that news car smell or the benefits that come with buying a car brand new. We ask Dave Raybould whether the novelty, or that smell, ever wears off.

Euro look 1988 Volkswagen Polo Breadvan Mk2

After a complicated four-year restoration, you’d forgive Vitor Santos for locking this immaculate Polo breadvan away for special occasions. But where’s the fun in that?

Air Lift Performance 1991 Volkswagen Polo Breadvan Mk2F

Determined to preserve his Polo’s unusual utility fleet orange paint, automotive engineer Thomas Owczarski took an unconventional approach to the already challenging task of laying it low.

314bhp Volkswagen Polo GTi 9N3

When you’re tall, round and knocking on for substantial rugby player stature, what better car to make an animal than a Volkswagen Polo GTi 9N3?

1.3-litre supercharged 1992 Volkswagen Polo G40 Mk2F Typ 86C

From a quick turnaround track car project, Matthew Powney’s Polo G40 has evolved into an eight-year, ground-up restoration drawn from the quickest motorsport teams – and he’s not finished yet…

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