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RDG Speedster 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Cabriolet

Is it a Speedster? Is it a Targa? Is it a Coupe? Actually, it’s all three in one. Welcome to David Gawthorpe’s radical and highly transformative 964...

1991 Renault 5GT Turbo

Wild insurance premiums put paid to Scotsman Brian Letham’s Renault 5GT Turbo dream in period. Today we make it come true.

330bhp 1.8-litre BAM engined 1991 Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Taking a blow torch and paint stripper to your mint, corrosion-free shell sounds pretty mental to most people, but when Simon Andrzejewski set out to build his perfect VW show car, it somehow made perfect sense…

320bhp 1.8T 2OVT APX from Audi TT engined 1991 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2

Just around the corner from PVW Towers, this Kentish MK2 has been lovingly nurtured for the past seven years. Having sprouted a luscious array of period parts and a healthy 1.8T conversion, it’s now fully in bloom…

1991 Lancia Hyena Zagato

Nothing funny about the Zagato-bodied Lancia Hyena, though few cars will make you grin more broadly. Glen Waddington takes the wheel.

R32-swapped 1991 Volkswagen Golf CL Mk2

No matter which generation it was produced in, everybody loves a bright red Golf GTI and Taison Shelter’s R32-swapped Mk2 example is a true knockout machine!

Air Lift Performance 1991 Volkswagen Polo Breadvan Mk2F

Determined to preserve his Polo’s unusual utility fleet orange paint, automotive engineer Thomas Owczarski took an unconventional approach to the already challenging task of laying it low.

1991 Rover Mini Neon

With its diminutive dimensions placing a wheel at each corner, the Mini became the blueprint for all the best city cars to come – though its breadth of talent always extended far beyond the ring road

1991 Ford Sierra 4x4 Ghia Estate

Reader’s restoration: This rare 1991 Ford Sierra Ghia 4x4 estate was saved by a father and son team who went through some bad luck and great luck in the process…

1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Lightweight 964

The 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Lightweight 964 is a little known motorsport footnote. Can the Leichtbau manage to trump the RS? We take to the track to find out.

1991 Jaguar XJ40 Estate

I make no secret at all of my love of Jaguar’s big saloon cars – especially those of the Eighties and Nineties, which I’ve owned in various guises since I was first able to scrape together the insurance premium in my mid-20s.

1991 Aston Martin Virage 6.3 prototype ‘Minky’

It’s a rasping, tearing sound; the kind of cochlea-tingling force that leaves your synapses twitching in some postnarcotic buzz – beautifully naughty, and oh-so-addictive.

1991 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit II

Buying your first Rolls-Royce can be a daunting experience, but in Steve Bassett’s case it’s proved to be a rewarding one – aided by the sheer value for money of this impressively smart Silver Spirit II

1991 Jaguar XJS 4.0 Automatic

By the early Nineties, and with no replacement in sight, Jaguar gave the now-aging XJ-S a major facelift, resulting in the unhyphenated model from 1991. For the 30th anniversary of the update, we explain why the changes helped to keep the XJS relevant for the new decade.

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