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Buying Guide BMW E21 3 Series
It’s now 48 years since the original E21 replaced the much-loved ’02, itself one of the two ranges that saved BMW, and the first-gen 3 Series makes for an alluring used buy that won’t break the bank. Words: Andrew Everett Photos: Felix Bluethner Iconized Ltd, Aaron Lam Buying Guide: BMW E21 3 Series The first-generation 3 Series is a classic icon and it makes for an excellent retro purchase, with prices still relatively reasonable. Our in-depth guide will help you find the perfect example.
Adam & Gordon Bryson’s US-specification 1980 BMW 320i E21
Adam and his father Gordon are huge supporters of the E21. Adam bought his 1980 US-specification 320i in early 2019 – before he passed his driving test – and it proved the incentive he needed to grab his licence. Now 26 and 62 respectively, the father and son team are enjoying everything the classic BMW scene has to offer. Reader’s Rides“Scotland does have a classic car scene, it’s not easy to find what you’re looking for but this E21 turned up on eBay in storage 15- minutes from where we live.
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