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1981 BMW 320iS E21

Subtle on the outside but with a hidden sporty streak underneath, the E21 320iS is an extremely rare addition to the 3 Series roster, and this Canadian example is as clean as they come.

Modified perfection BMW 316 E21 2.5-litre straight-six M20B25 engined

The owner of this gorgeous air-ride E21 has spent 12 years transforming it into the absolutely immaculate build you see before you here. The end result is a testament to his passion for this classic Z Series, and it’s simply wonderful to behold.

BMW E21 Alpina C1 restomod

This Alpina C1 restomod captures the essence of the incredibly rare original car while enhancing it with a host of special individual touches, and it’s simply glorious.

300bhp powered retro rocket 1979 BMW 323i 2.9-litre M20 E21

Purchased to be turned into a classic tarmac rally car, this E21 323i was deemed too clean for that purpose and has instead been given a period-correct performance overhaul, and it’s now a snarling 2.9-litre M20-powered retro rocket.

Famous Five - Iconic Group 5 BMW E21

If you haven’t yet heard of Qvick Motors, chances are you will soon as they are about to launch some seriously cool BMWs onto the classic racing scene. We went to Belgium to get a sneak preview of a pair of stunning Group 5 E21s… one of which is the original 1978 DRM-winning Schnitzer car.

CzesławAirSuspension air-ride 1980 BMW 318 E21

Fine attention to detail, incredible levels of patience and a determination to make his E21 as perfect as possible means that this much-loved BMWis one of the nicest examples of its kind in Eastern Europe.

1983 BMW 316 E21

The E21 sat in the shadow of the E30 for quite some time, now this classic BMW is getting the attention it deserves – like this lovingly restored 316.

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