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Restoration 1979 Lotus Esprit Series 2
There's no shortage of perfectionists in the classic car world, but Mark Suddaby went further than most to realise his dream. Mark Suddaby is clearly a sucker for punishment. Not only did he go to Hell and back to create his ideal Lotus Esprit, but having incorporated lots of mods throughout the restoration of his magnificent 1979 Series 2, he takes it to lots of shows where he has to endure abuse from the purists who gather at such meets, seemingly just to try to deflate owners.
Buyers Guide Lotus Elan M100
It’s the cheapest way into a Lotus right now – here’s how to avoid the pitfalls. Words Richard Dredge. Photography Tom Wood. Seven steps to buying a Lotus Elan M100 Buying the £6k Elan Buying Guide How to hurdle common tripwires and bag an epic Lotus Elan M100 Every generation has its ‘least-loved Lotus’, that oddball that leaves a pocket-moneysized way into the marque.
Lotus Elite Type 75
The Luxury Lotuses. Once two of the most expensive four-cylinder cars in the world, the Type 75 and 76 were huge departures for Lotus in the 1970s. Today, however, both can be had for relatively little money, if you’re careful. Words: Jack Wood. Pictures: Adam Wilkins. Buyers’ Guide Lotus ELITE AND ECLAT The inside line on buying a great 1970s wedge without succumbing to any of the pitfalls. The shooting brake profile of the Lotus Elite Type 75 was new for Lotus.
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