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1970 Lotus Type 72 vs. 2022 Lotus Evija

The Lotus 72 is the most successful F1 car of all time. The Evija EV hypercar is the embodiment of new Lotus. So is there any of the old magic in the newcomer? We hit the track to find out.

1964 Lotus Elan 26R

One half of Ian Walker’s famous Goldbug duo, this Lotus Elan 26R helped forge the model’s racing legacy, being driven to victory by the likes of Jim Clark. Today it’s our turn behind the wheel

2022 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition vs. 390 Final Edition

We take a trip to Lotus’ private test track in Hethel to drive and bid farewell to the Elise and Exige.

1997 Lotus Elise S1

It should have been so different for Lotus. Given the clear pent-up demand for small convertible sports cars in 1989, its ahead-of-the-curve Elan M100 should have cleaned up and finally provided the company with the kind of volume-seller that it could only have dreamed of during Colin Chapman’s luxury-GT era

Max Mosley’s 1961 Lotus Elite Type 14

Max Mosley’s Lotus Elite Driving the late motorsport maven’s first love. This Lotus Elite was bought new by the late one-time FIA president Max Mosley – and Octane played a small role in reuniting him with his first motoring love, six years ago.

1973 Lotus Seven GT

The short-lived conversion that made the Seven eligible for GT racing, rarer now than ever.

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