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Tech guide Porsche 944
The 944 was the best-selling Porsche of all time prior to the arrival of the Boxster 986 and Cayenne SUV, meaning there are plenty of examples out there to choose from... Words Dan Furr, Richard Gooding, Martin Morgan Jones Photography Adrian Brannan What to look for when on the hunt Launched in 1969, the 914 proved Porsche didn’t need to survive on a diet of rear-engined metal alone. By 1975, however, the two-seater’s time was up. That same year, the similarly radical 924 was launched.
Buyers Guide Porsche 944
Shonky build quality was par for the course in the eighties, but it wasn’t something that Porsche 944 owners had to put up with. They also got to savour effortless performance, excellent practicality and a brilliant driving experience, and four decades after the 944 arrived in the UK, you can still enjoy all of these things. While the 924 did Porsche’s image no favours, the much more masculine 944 was just the ticket.
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