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630whp BMW M4 F82

The first generation of turbocharged M cars has forged its own legacy among the greats and builds like this show just why these cars are so popular and what’s possible when you go all-out.

454whp S85 V10-powered monster BMW E30 Coupe

With a five-litre S85 V10 engine squeezed into its engine bay, this hardcore E30 is an extreme machine guaranteed to get your pulse racing.

430bhp tuned 1987 BMW 635CSi Turbo E24

While, at first glance, this might appear to be a fairly standard E24 6 Series, a closer look reveals that all is not as it seems, and this unassuming classic is hiding some big secrets behind its iconic sharknose bodywork…

470hp 4.0-litre V8 1UZ, Holset HE400 turbo BMW E36 Drift

Built for serious sideways action, this hardcore E36 drift machine is packing some hefty turbocharged V8 power under its bonnet, and it’s given this Z Series a distinctly Asian flavour...

BMW M5 E39 DCT-swapped machine

While the E39 M5 is an awesome super saloon, transforming one into a full-on track machine is more work than most people would be willing to put in. But, as you can see, the owner of this hardcore build has done just that, and he’s created a devastatingly capable track-day monster.

320whp BMW M3 E46

With gorgeous Oxford green bodywork over an enticingly spicy Cinnamon interior and a superb selection of accompanying enhancements, this BMW E46 M3 is sheer modded perfection.

450hp V8 S65 engined BMW F21 1 Series

With masses of wide-body presence, a sublime custom interior, and V8 power nestling beneath its sculpted bonnet, this 1 Series build is a true one-off and what a special machine this is...

1.8T 20v AGU engined 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco Mk2

The Volkswagen Mk1 Scirocco may have been prettier and the Corrado sleeker, but a handful of people still held the Mk2 ’Rocco in high regard. Our editor is one of them, and Dennis Geluck — owner of this cracker — is another!

Atlantis blue 560hp BMW M3 F80

With huge helpings of style, potent performance and serious four-door flair, this utterly magnificent F80 M3 is nothing short of a modified masterpiece.

Utterly magnificent modified BMW M3 Coupe E30

After being off the road for 10 years, this E30 M3. has been fully restored, and with its S14 rebuilt and comprehensively upgraded, it’s now in the best shape of its entire life.

500whp Supercharged LS1 V8 engined BMW E36 Coupe

Say what you want about non-BMW engine swaps because the owner of this epic E36 won’t be able to hear you over the sound of his supercharged LS1 V8...

Team Schirmer GT BMW M2 Competition F87

As the first-ever Team Schirmer GT car in North America, this F87 M2 Competition is a full-on, hardcore package boasting a razor-sharp and ultra-focused chassis setup, ultra-aggressive carbon styling, and so much more.

Modified perfection BMW 316 E21 2.5-litre straight-six M20B25 engined

The owner of this gorgeous air-ride E21 has spent 12 years transforming it into the absolutely immaculate build you see before you here. The end result is a testament to his passion for this classic Z Series, and it’s simply wonderful to behold.

Supercharged 680bhp BMW M6 E63

Developing a monstrous 680 supercharged horsepower wrapped up in a perfectly styled body, ultra-aggressive stance and an interior to die for, this E63 M6 is simply on another level…

Extreme turbo machine M50 630whp 1987 BMW 528i E28

With its wide-body styling, stripped-out interior, tubular frame and turbocharged 2.8 M50 under the bonnet, this full-on E28 makes a big impression, and it doesn’t mess around.

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