Elizabeth de Latour

Elizabeth de Latour

Elizabeth de Latour Elizabeth de Latour Modified classic 1973 BMW 2002 E10 1 year ago

2002 Project I really enjoyed the feature on the 2002. I have followed the project in BMW Car from the start and eagerly anticipated each new instalment to see how it was going to develop. So often these days modified classic cars seem to lack a plan or any kind of thought in their execution, things get thrown together without consideration for the final look and feel, or how the thing will drive. Rob Richardson’s car seems to have been well thought through and exceptionally well engineered – well done Rob! I think Rob’s car might well be one of the best ‘02s in the country, if not the world, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the project goes next.

Elizabeth de Latour Elizabeth de Latour 2023 BMW M3 Competition Saloon xDrive G80 2 years ago

Four-wheel-drive M3

I have read a few comments on social media snubbing the idea of an all-wheel drive M3, I think these detractors need to get real. While I would be the first to admit that the driving dynamics of M3s of old would’ve been ruined had they been four-wheel drive, people need to realise that modern M cars have enormous amounts of power and therefore performance, the likes of which would overpower a traditional two-wheel drive setup and likely be beyond the control of most mere mortals if they were strictly rear-drive. From what I understand the new systems still prioritise drive to the real wheels, but switch to all four only when absolutely necessary – so what’s the problem?

Elizabeth de Latour Elizabeth de Latour 2000 BMW 728i Automatic Sport Individual E38 2 years ago

Colour Of Love

I really enjoyed your feature on Matt Swanborough’s E38 7 Series, not only because I found the story quite touching but also because I found what Matt said about its colour really quite interesting.

These days it seems nearly every car is black or grey, so the purple Mora metallic on Matt’s E38 is a reminder of how people were a bit braver with colour choice not so long ago. It might be my imagination that the 1990s delivered more colourful cars, but I’m certain there were brighter hues back in the 1970s, which is part of what makes classic cars of that era so appealing in my view. Maybe we all need to be a little more adventurous when speccing our new BMWs in future?

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