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Tired track toy made perfect: the BMW M3 88 Edition E30 ‘Europameister’
Owner John Kiely wanted this tired, unloved BMW M3 to be the best in the country. Dan Norris’s team at Munich Legends rose to the challenge. Words SAM DAWSON Photography TOM CRITCHELL ‘There was a foot-high hole in’ Epic Restoration How Munich Legends resurrected a track-thrashed BMW M3 88 It had barely scraped through its MoT test when it came to us,’ says Munich Legends’ restorer James Blackwell of the gleaming BMW E30 M3 now gracing his Haywards Heath workshop.
Buying and tuning guide 1985-1992 BMW 325i E30
The E30 3 Series is a true classic icon, one beloved by the BMW community, and the 325i is arguably the most desirable non-M model of the lot. Our guide will help you to get your hands on the perfect example of this fantastic retro machine. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Gregory Owain Buying and Tuning Guide: E30 325i Our in-depth guide will help you to buy the perfect-classic 3 Series. The E30 is an absolute classic, arguably the 3 Series that everyone wants.
Tyred and emotional 1989 BMW 320i Convertible E30
Boy, was it hot at the weekend. Perfect weather for being out in the BMW with the roof down. Thing is, it had been garaged for three weeks since our last trip. It’s kept a couple of miles away in a lock-up, while the Boxster lives on the other side of my office wall. And something had slipped my mind. As we headed out, I was revelling in its refinement. Sure, it has one of the smoothest engines in existence, but I suddenly noticed the ride and the lack of underlying vibration.
History BMW E30
The life and times of the second-generation BMW 3-Series, a car which single-handedly invented the market we named after it. Words: Andrew Everett 40 YEARS OF BMW’S E30 3-SERIES FACTS, FIGURES, HISTORYIt has been said of late that BMW as a company is in a tailspin, caught off-guard by Tesla and begging the question what exactly is a BMW these days and what exactly does it do?
Dazzling 2.5 S14-powered BMW M3 E30
It doesn’t get much better than the E30 M3, and this stunning project has been perfectly enhanced, making it a truly exceptional example of this performance icon. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Patrick Lauder. UTTERLY EPIC 2.5 E30 M3 GREAT WHITEDazzling 2.5 S14-powered E30 M3 Cars truly don’t get much more legendary or iconic than the E30 M3.
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