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The life and times of the second-generation BMW 3-Series, a car which single-handedly invented the market we named after it. Words: Andrew Everett 40 YEARS OF BMW’S E30 3-SERIES FACTS, FIGURES, HISTORYIt has been said of late that BMW as a company is in a tailspin, caught off-guard by Tesla and begging the question what exactly is a BMW these days and what exactly does it do?
Dazzling 2.5 S14-powered BMW M3 E30
It doesn’t get much better than the E30 M3, and this stunning project has been perfectly enhanced, making it a truly exceptional example of this performance icon. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Patrick Lauder. UTTERLY EPIC 2.5 E30 M3 GREAT WHITEDazzling 2.5 S14-powered E30 M3 Cars truly don’t get much more legendary or iconic than the E30 M3.
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