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2023 DS 9 Rivoli + E-Tense 250 Automatic

With a larger 15.6kWh battery pack, the arrival of the more powerful DS 9 E-Tense 250 model to replace the current 225 allows the plug-in hybrid executive saloon to run in pure electric mode for up to 38 miles. The newcomer is powered by a four-cylinder, 1.6-litre 197bhp PureTech petrol engine, linked to a 109bhp electric motor and eight-speed automatic transmission

2023 Citroen C5 X Shine Plus Plug-in Hybrid

The world needs more estates. Big, long boot spaces, low load lips, more aerodynamic and better to drive than an SUV… Yet, SUVs are far more in demand across the UK, Europe and beyond. So perhaps Citroën has the answer with the new C5 X; a sleek, quirky-looking car that the French company says combines “the elegance and status of a saloon, modernity and versatility of an SUV, and the dynamism and practicality of an estate.” We’re glad that’s all cleared up, then.

2023 DS 7 Crossback Opera E-Tense 4X4 300 Automatic

The DS 7 Crossback first made its debut back in 2017 and was the first purpose-built car to wear the DS Automobiles badge, rather than having previously featured a double chevron Citroën logo up front.

200mph record-breaking twin-turbocharged 530bhp Citroen SM

Not content with creating a 200mph record-breaking SM, one Californian built a matching rig to tow it, too. This is its remarkable story.

1970 Citroen SM

I am going to address the elephant in the room up-front. Citroen can make some pretty unusual, a little weird, “out there”, call them what you want, designs, and the Citroen DS is a classic example of this and is a strangely-popular vehicle. The DS model is the one you see driving around occasionally; you first look at the car — perhaps, no doubt with mixed emotions — then, look to the Driver and always wonder what they must know which you do not.

Bucket-list classics The Big Test

Raw roadster, GT, hot-hatch, cool cabrio, supercar, spicy saloon and luxury cruiser. A great example of each should be on everyone’s bucket list of cars to try, buy or borrow. These are our top picks.

1984 Citroën BX16 TRS

Once ubiquitous, now near-extinct, the BX is a hugely significant car that deserves to be remembered – and saved

2022 DS 9 E-Tense Opéra

Nein danke. For all its Gallic charm, the DS 9 doesn’t do enough to break Britain’s German habit.

1982 Citroen BX - from Gandini’s original 1977 design sketch to the production

A quirky outlier that managed to find a mainstream audience, and justified Citroen’s existence to its new masters

2021 Citroën C4 PureTech 130 S&S Shine Plus

Cardigan, slippers, C4. It’s all gone a bit Gwyneth Paltrow as the C4 is reincarnated as a calm, comfortable, stress-busting crossover.

Citroën ZX Volcane 1.9 Turbo D 1993 to 1997

If you couldn’t afford a Lamborghini Diablo or Ferrari Testarossa during the 1990’s, there was a much more cost-effective wedge of excitement on the market. Designed by Bertone, the Citroën ZX Volcane TD was a slice of gallic cool that appealed to a very different customer than the Ford Escort XR3i. More Saint-Tropez than South-end-on- Sea, if you will.

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