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1950 Bentley MkVI six-light saloon by Mulliner

From its brand-new post-war home in Crewe, Bentley redefined itself with the prescient MkVI sports saloon. Glen Waddington drives the desirable HJ Mulliner six-light version.

1950 Aston Martin DB2 Vantage

Not only was this 1950 DB2 Vantage exhibited at the 1951 Earls Court Motor Show but it was built to Vantage spec and then raced in California.

1950 Bentley Blizzard Roadster

In 1950 Rolls-Royce’s Chief Projects Engineer, Ivan Evernden, had an idea for a two-seat Bentley sports car called the Blizzard. This year, that dream finally came true – and we’ve driven it.

1950 Fiat 1100 E Cabriolet ‘Vistotal’ Castagna

This humble 1950 Fiat 1100 was coach-built by Castagna with a radical panoramic windscreen. Massimo Delbo enjoys a new perspective from the driving seat.

1950 Aston Martin DB2 Vantage

Although still a current model name, Vantage goes back to the Fifties. We look at the history of the first that was based on the DB2.

Scottish Rally-winning 1950 Jaguar XK120 ‘MNK 500’

Flexible Feline — We drive the Jaguar XK120 with both race and rally successes to its name. When new in 1951, this Jaguar XK120 was immediately deployed on rally stages, hill climbs and top-tier circuits. We drive this prowling polymath fresh from restoration.

1950 VW Sportkabriolett Dannenhauer & Stauss

Built on Porsche 356 running gear, this Sportkabriolett is the car Dannenhauer & Stauss had always dreamed of creating.

1950 Chrysler Town & Country Newport Coupé

Built for one year, the Chrysler Town & Country Newport Coupe was the last of marque’s true ‘woodies’. We drive one in the UK, and we’re stirred by its sense of wanderlust.

Road trip 1950 Jaguar XK120

Peter abandons the concept of luxury and takes to the hills in a rather special XK120…

1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Tipo 158 Grand Prix racer Amazing Jim Stokes Workshop racer recreation

The incredible story of how Jim Stokes Workshop created an Alfa Romeo Alfetta 158 Grand Prix racer from rediscovered parts in Italy

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Workshop racer car recreation
Fangio’s 1950 Gordini Type 18S Berlinette Supercharged

Success may have eluded Fangio at Le Mans, but this supercharged 1950 Gordini Type 18S berlinette left a lasting impression on him and has a unique place in Gordini’s history.

1950 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Supergioiello

Not all the early history of this sinfully attractive Alfa is recorded. But maybe that’s a force for good, reckons

1950 Ferrari 195 Inter

This freshly restored 1950 Ferrari 195 is an intriguing and unique machine. There are almost as many mysteries about it as there are hard facts, as we discover

1950 Ford Custom Club Coupe

As head of the Sonderwunsch department, Rolf Sprenger was the man who made Porsche’s 911 even more special, for those who could afford it…

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