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Sales debate - is the Porsche 911 992 market in trouble?
Recent sales listings reveal some scary viewing in the 992 arena. Asking prices show not just price reductions month-on-month, but falls across the board. In some cases, those reductions run to tens of thousands of pounds, and even Carreras have been slashed. What’s going on? Jonathan Franklin of Jonathan Franklin Cars neatly sums up the background. “The market has been slowly getting itself overheated, partly since Covid, when people suddenly began spending.
Sales debate - how significant is the number of previous owners?
It’s one of the first questions we ask when interested in any vehicle, but more so a 911: “How many owners has it had?” We asked our experts, what significance does that number carry when looking at a used 911? “In older cars, the number of owners is largely irrelevant,” says Jonathan Ostroff of Hexagon Classics. He points out that condition is the key factor, not how many people have registered the vehicle in their name.
Porsche 911 991 vs 992 GT3: battle of the gearbox
Both these Weissach superstars are equipped with the same six-speed manual gearbox from Porsche Motorsport… but can Total 911 find any tangible differences between the two? Written by Lee Sible BATTLE OF THE GEARBOXMANUAL GT3S DO BATTLE Motorsport’s brilliant 991.2 takes on 992 North Wales. A glorious pocket of the UK, where the locals are friendly, the scenery is pretty and the roads are twisty.
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