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Sales debate - is a Targa 964 still the cheapest classic 911 to buy?
For many years, the Targa was out of favour in the 911 market, offering possibly the cheapest way into each model. Is that still the case? No, says Philip Raby of Philip Raby Specialist Cars: “They were once unloved, because they leaked, or gave wind noise issues, so the Cabriolets were more popular. Today, that’s probably reversed.” Philip explains this is partly down to fresh interest in the model after the 991 Targa reintroduced the silver hoop of earlier cars.
A Porsche 911 history of the Targa roof
Since the inception of the iconic Porsche 911 in 1963, Zuffenhausen had been investigating ways of making an open-top version of their range-topping sports car. However, a lack of structural rigidity and changing US regulations had made finalising a conventional design nigh on impossible. Step forward the 911 Targa.
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