Porsche eFuels
You’ve likely heard about Porsche’s investment in eFuels – here’s how the company expects it to work After more than a century, the internal combustion engine is on a countdown timer, and so are fossil fuels. Electrification is touted at the future for vehicles, but where does that leave your beloved flat six? Fear not, for Porsche is fighting your cause, and investing heavily in a practical solution that means your 911 can be used well into the future. The solution is eFuel, or synthetic fuel.
Is the used Porsche market slowing down?
With an ear to the ground, there are rumblings that the used 911 market is losing momentum. Undoubtedly we’re in times of global uncertainty, hot on the tail of a global pandemic, but is there any truth in it? Sales debate“In short, no,” says Philip Raby, of Philip Raby Specialist Cars, while highlighting the difficulty in predicting future trends. “When Russia hit, everything dropped overnight, but it came almost straight back,” he adds.
1989 Ferry Porsche and his four sons together became rarer as the years passed
Events bringing Ferry Porsche and his four sons together became rarer as the years passed. Yet for his 80th birthday in September 1989, most of the family and a few close friends descended on Zell am See, the traditional Porsche home south of Salzburg. In the foreground, beside the Panamericana that the company had presented to Ferry for the occasion are Hans-Peter, Gerd, Butzi and Wolfgang. It’s said that Ferry disliked the “beach buggy” Panamericana intensely.
Technology explained Porsche 911 X51 Powerkit
Alisdair Cusick explains how the X51 Powerkit extracted more from the 911’s nat-asp flat six For some owners, standard is never enough – even on a 911. With this in mind, Porsche offered a performance increase package for the 911 called the X51 Powerkit. Since the 993, the X51 was a factory-approved package to give a 911 engine a little bit extra. The X51 floated around on options lists for both the 993 and 996, but you may not have known this, so uncommonly was the option specified.
Are booming petrol prices having an effect on the used Porsche 911 market?
The world has changed in the past month or so. The war in Ukraine has sent shocks around the world, both emotionally and financially. Aside from the horrors inflicted on Ukrainian people, the world is learning to cope with new supply chains for all manner of goods, including Porsche. Earlier last month production temporarily halted due to Ukrainian wiring harness supply being affected. The fallout filters down to us all, as consumers, notably with record petrol prices in recent weeks.
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