Buying Guide Daimler V8
A bargain compared to its self-consciously iconic Jaguar Mk2 sibling, this compact, lively, luxurious Daimler makes a great buy. If you arm yourself with the right knowledge. How to buy the underrated V8 take on the Jaguar Mk2 Words CHRIS HOPE Photography JONATHAN FLEETWOOD Buying Guide Is the Daimler V8 the best Jaguar Mk2 variant? Find out for yourself Unthinkable though it may have seemed in the Sixties, the   Daimler 2.
Life Cycle - the unlikely story of a tricky 1994 Ginetta G33 rescued from the jaws of bankruptcy
Rescued from a bankrupt Ginetta, this wild V8 roadster has tested the mettle of two passionate owners. Words SAM DAWSON Photography IAN SKELTON Tricky to live with, sublime to drive – a Ginetta G33’s life story told 1995 – Malcolm Pinder realises his long-held dream of becoming a Ginetta owner ‘When I was 19, I went to the Motor Show at Earls Court, saw the then-new Hillman Imp-based G15, and knew then and there that I wanted a Ginetta one day,’ says Malcolm Pinder.
Tired track toy made perfect: the BMW M3 88 Edition E30 ‘Europameister’
Owner John Kiely wanted this tired, unloved BMW M3 to be the best in the country. Dan Norris’s team at Munich Legends rose to the challenge. Words SAM DAWSON Photography TOM CRITCHELL ‘There was a foot-high hole in’ Epic Restoration How Munich Legends resurrected a track-thrashed BMW M3 88 It had barely scraped through its MoT test when it came to us,’ says Munich Legends’ restorer James Blackwell of the gleaming BMW E30 M3 now gracing his Haywards Heath workshop.
Buying Guide Audi Quattro
This technical groundbreaker is also a tough, usable classic, and interest is increasing in all things Eighties, making it a keen investment too. Words SAM DAWSON Photography BAUER ARCHIVE Fearless Audi Quattro buyingBuying Guide How to get yourself an Audi Quattro while they’re still good value (just) Now is a good time to buy an Audi Quattro.
Upgrade guide: Ford mk2 Zephyr/Zodiac
Fantastic Fifties styling and a great big engine bay mean the Mk2 has always been a popular choice for modders and rodders. MK2 ZEPHYR/ZODIAC IMPROVING YOUR CLASSIC FORD JUST GOT EASIER Upgrade guide: Ford mk2 Zephyr/Zodiac - Tuning tips for the 1950s Ford. UPGRADE GUIDE The big 1950s Fords have a strong following and it’s not surprising. They’re lovely, smooth cruising cars but they also have a touch of Americana about them.
Charging ahead
Do you remember Flanders & Swann? They wrote and performed clever, comedic songs about life in the late 1950s. These musical period pieces have somehow transcended their era. Donald Swann played the piano and looked like a skinny academic. Michael Flanders, burly, bearded and wheelchair bound, had a rumbling voice and lethal comic timing.
How it works - Synthetic fuels
Synthetic fuels are nothing particularly new, and we're familiar with GTL (Gas to Liquid) fuels that are made from natural gas. The Fischer-Tropsch process that's used for this can employ all kinds of hydrocarbon raw materials, to create designer fuels like kerosene, petrol and diesel, all of them significantly purer and lower in emissions than equivalent fuels derived from crude oil. It can also be used to synthesise the base materials for advanced synthetic lubricating oils.
Life Cycle 1958 Volvo PV444
In the same family since new, this Volvo is about to embark on its next journey – to the third country it’s called home Words SAM DAWSON Photos JORDAN BUTTERS LIFE STORY OF A 1958 Volvo PV444Life Cycle 1958 – The Olsen family buys a Volvo PV444  On 13 February 1958, brothers Gunnar and Olaf Olsen set off on a perilous and tragic snowbound two-hour bus journey from their hometown of Vest Agder, southern Norway, to the Volvo dealership in Kristiansand, to pick up a new PV444.
Buying Guide BMW E46 3 Series
Buy a BMW E46 from £2k. A grand tourer in almost every spec, the E46 is a bargain – so buy carefully. Words Sam Dawson. Photography Bauer Archive. Seven steps to buying a BMW E46Buying Guide Get yourself a decent BMW E46 3 Series while they’re still bargains Exotic M3s aside, the E46-generation BMW 3 Series is currently at its nadir in terms of values. Look carefully, and you might even find one in acceptable condition for less than £1000.
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