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Buy starter classic Audi 500 1983–1994
Building on the reputation of the Audi 100 in the 1970s and the 200 the decade thereafter, the brand’s 500-badged models were introduced into SA throughout the 1990s. This Ingolstadt-based brand stubbornly avoided the temptation to follow its compatriot brands, BMW and Mercedes-Benz down the route of six-cylinder engines powering the rear wheels.
2007 Audi R8 Type 42
I’d had the R8 about a month when a neighbour sauntered over and asked if I had won the lottery. Sitting on his drive at the time was a new Renault Zoe with a list price that would comfortably see him into an R8. Not as nice as this one, but a decent R8. And that is the beauty of this generation of Audi: it went into production 15 years ago and has aged so well that people just assume it is still a new car. Why shouldn’t they?
2001 Audi TT 8N
I’ve always wondered if the caveman that invented the wheel ever imagined we’d all be sitting in endless traffic jams. The romanticism of the journey is quickly dispelled by the sound of bass-driven rap music from the car next to me. I must admit, though, that the Audi has been pulling its weight in hauling me and my photo gear effortlessly from adventure to adventure - and I’m always looking for opportunities to place my car wherever I happen to be.
1994 Audi RS2 Avant 8C
Forgive us this diversion, but whisper it… other car brands do exist. Hell, there are even other Porsche models out there, and there’s every chance you’ll have one, or at least have experienced them at some point. While we’re not going to stray too far from our favourite brand here, this month’s trawl of the classifieds has seen us take a bit of a tangent because we’ve been looking at Audi RS2s. It’s unlikely you’re unaware of the RS2, but here’s a recap – just in case.
Buying car online? Look carefully at those photos
A photograph can tell a thousand stories, and this can be especially true at auction. Want to complain about that scratch you didn’t know was there? “Sorry Sir, it was clearly in the image on the internet...
2000 Jaguar XK8 4.0 Coupe X100 vs. 2003 Audi TT 8N
Commissioned to photograph an Audi TT for another magazine, Paul compares the four-seat coupe with his own Similar to how Liverpool Football Club and my son’s under 16 team do roughly the same thing while also being totally different, the same could be said of the Jaguar XK8 and first generation of Audi TT. Although both are four-seat coupes, one is a big, purposeful and V8-engined GT and the other smaller with much of its DNA sourced from elsewhere.
Buying Guide Audi Quattro
This technical groundbreaker is also a tough, usable classic, and interest is increasing in all things Eighties, making it a keen investment too. Words SAM DAWSON Photography BAUER ARCHIVE Fearless Audi Quattro buyingBuying Guide How to get yourself an Audi Quattro while they’re still good value (just) Now is a good time to buy an Audi Quattro.
Lost Loves Audi Coupé
What’s the worst car you’ve ever owned? Maybe it was your first car; something bought for next to no money and maintained with crossed fingers and fresh air. Maybe it’s the car you have now, but that’s a fairly depressing thing to think about so try not to dwell on it for too long. Mine was a 1992 Audi Coupé 2.0E, bought in Leeds, in the rain, and in the dark.
Audi R8
Mid-engine supercar with Italian connection cops a cruel execution DRIVEN TO EXTINCTIONIf you want a supercar that straddles the lines between exotic, sophisticated, and pragmatic, the main option you once had in Australia is on the way out. If you can still find an Audi R8 in a showroom by the time you read this, it’ll be one of the last. But it’s not for a lack of success. The R8 wasn’t a sales giant here, but nor was it by any means a failure.
Guide 1999-2005 Audi A2 Type 8Z
The Audi A2 brought radical engineering to the small car sector, along with good looks and great driving dynamics. Its high cost kept sales low, but nowadays it is a sought-after machine. Report: Phil White. ALLOYED PLEASURE Emerging Classic The all-aluminium Audi A2, featuring seriously high tech in a small package. Like the Roman god Janus, Audi has two faces.
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