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Baja Bug lowrider - Volkswagen Beetle

What do you get if you cross a Baja Bug with a lowrider? Neil Hansford may well have the answer…

330bhp 1.8-litre BAM engined 1991 Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Taking a blow torch and paint stripper to your mint, corrosion-free shell sounds pretty mental to most people, but when Simon Andrzejewski set out to build his perfect VW show car, it somehow made perfect sense…

2004 Porsche 911 GT3 996.2 vs. 3.7-litre 1999 911 Carrera 991.1

We’re lucky enough to have not one, but two 996s on our fast fleet. They might be cut from the same cloth, but make no mistake, these are two very different examples of the first water-cooled 911...

Ray Ditta’s infamous OG Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDI Mk4 daily driver

Ray Ditta’s infamous OG Mk4 TDI daily driver isn’t simply the perfect example of a VW built around an OEM+ theme — the car and its obsessive-compulsive owner practically invented the term!

281bhp 1.8 20v turbo BAM engined 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1

When Youtube star, Dan Chambers, realised his recently purchased Mk1 Golf GTI Campaign wasn’t going to be the quick fix he had hoped for, he embarked on a full nut and bolt restoration with a 20v turbo twist!

JabbaSport’s 315bhp lap dancer Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk7 Trackday Championship

Built to blitz the top tracks of the UK’s competitive Production GTi Trackday Championship, JabbaSport’s racy Mk7 Golf GTi has what it takes to make it hard for the competition…

2004 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren C199

Just over 1,400 of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren were made between 2004 and 2009. Despite receiving a mixed reception when new, veteran helmsman Piotr R Frankowski explains why we should give more credit to this 200mph sports star.

1979 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC C107

Having never driven a 107-series SLC before, William Terrington paid a visit to Kingdom Specialist Cars in Hampshire to sample a refreshed 450 model manufactured in 1979 – here’s how he got on...

1999 Mercedes-Benz S320 CDI W220 vs. 2005 Mercedes-Benz S320 CDI W221

They may be a few generations old, but the now highly affordable 220- and 221-series S-Classes remain hugely impressive drives, with space and performance to spare, and loads of on-board toys to master. Here we compare two versions of the big selling ‘S320 CDI’ equipped with very different engines.

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