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330bhp 1.8-litre BAM engined 1991 Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Taking a blow torch and paint stripper to your mint, corrosion-free shell sounds pretty mental to most people, but when Simon Andrzejewski set out to build his perfect VW show car, it somehow made perfect sense…

770bhp reworked 1989 Volkswagen Golf Rallye Mk2 gets 4Motion 2.5T

What do you do if you love the visuals of the Golf Rallye but you long for the unique sound of a five cylinder turbo? German VW fanatic, Marc Herbrik appears to have the answer…

320bhp 1.8T 2OVT APX from Audi TT engined 1991 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2

Just around the corner from PVW Towers, this Kentish MK2 has been lovingly nurtured for the past seven years. Having sprouted a luscious array of period parts and a healthy 1.8T conversion, it’s now fully in bloom…

Full Rocket Bunny body kit 2.0 16-valve petrol ABF-engined Volkswagen Golf Mk2

The third round of the Meguiar’s Tom vs Dale build-offs might sound like an old-school Ford vs Volkswagen grudge match but, with two of the UK’s most creative modifying brains on the case, that rivalry has never looked fresher…

Big bumpers, G60 arches 1.8 8v PB engined 1988 Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk2

When Tweaked Performance’s main man, Gerald Morten was considering a project car, he just had to scratch the Mk2 Golf GTI itch that had been bugging him for the last 40 years.

R32-swapped 1991 Volkswagen Golf CL Mk2

No matter which generation it was produced in, everybody loves a bright red Golf GTI and Taison Shelter’s R32-swapped Mk2 example is a true knockout machine!

2.8-litre 12v VR6 engined 1986 Volkswagen Golf Mk2

When we first clapped eyes on Nick Ponterio’s incredible Mk2, we had no idea it was the same car that graced these pages almost a decade before, albeit in a very different guise.

2.8-litre 24v VR6 engined 1986 Volkswagen Golf GLI Mk2

There’s just something so right and timeless about a Rallye-fronted, Audi-handled, big bumper Mk2 and Gaets Orr’s 24v V6 example is one of our favourites. Here’s why…

Super clean Canadian Rallye on centre-looks Volkswagen Golf G60 Mk2

Having found one of North America’s best-kept Golf Rallyes on his doorstep, Danny Delic has spent a decade tracking down the most obscure parts to bring it up to spec.

550bhp Volkswagen Golf R32T Mk2 All-wheel-drive Polish Mk2 monster!

With over 500bhp and all-wheel drive, it’s no wonder Ernest Staciwa’s Mk2 sleeper boasts supercar acceleration times, even if he doesn’t like to shout about it…

ABF-engined Voomeran wide arches Volkswagen Golf Mk2

We don’t feature many cars from Italy for some reason, but when we do. Well, just look at it…

352bhp 2.8 VR6 AAA GT32-turbo engined Volkswagen Golf Mk2

One of the most featured cars to appear in the pages of PVW, Vic Sharma certainly knows how to reinvent when it comes to his VR Turbo.

2.8-litre VR6 conversion with GT3582 turbo 530hp Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Some people go to college to learn about automotive engineering, but David Olsson went down a slightly different route…

300bhp 1.8 BAM Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Most sensible folk are hanging up their modded car gloves as they hit their mid-forties. Jay McToldridge, on the other hand, appears to be growing old disgracefully in this 300bhp granddad-spec more-door Mk2. It's proper naughty, like.

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