History of the cars

1998-2009 Bentley Arnage
In the third instalment of this series, we take an in-depth look at the saloon that Volkswagen inherited and then continued to develop through its first decade of Bentley ownership. Words: Richard Gunn. Photography: Kelsey Archive.
Database: Triumph Stag 1970-1977
One of BL’s ‘nearly’ cars, the Triumph Stag offered a taste of the exotic even the Germans struggled to match but was a victim of the corporation’s other problems. Words: Paul Wager. The car which gained an unfortunate nickname back in the day but which is now one of our most-preserved classics. It’s a paradox, the Triumph Stag.
Total 911 takes you back to the famous Steering Wheel Club of the 1970s
The setting is the Steering Wheel Club in Mayfair and the date is October 1970. The occasion is the presentation of an award to that year’s Le Mans winners, Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann. Behind them is Porsche competitions manager Rico Steinemann and presenting the prize, Stirling Moss, now well established in his second career, motor racing PR.
Database: Morris Minor 1948-1971
All the essential info on the car which is often credited with having kick-started the entire classic car scene. DATABASE: MORRIS MINOR THE MARKETPLACE / THE CARS / THE BEGINNING Facts, figures and history on the vehicle which kick-started the whole classic car movement in the UK. The post-war Morris Minor became a legend in its own lifetime.
1991-1995 Mercedes-Benz 500E/E500 W124
The first instalment of this new series looks back at the 124-series 500E, launched at the Paris motor show in October 1990. It set a new high watermark for four-door saloon performance and is fast becoming a favourite among collectors with its link to Porsche.
Porsche 911 hero: Arno Bohn
Bohn’s stay at Porsche was both short and controversial, but the CEO would contribute significantly to the saving of the 911 – and company at large. Bohn only worked at Porsche for two years between 1990 and 1992, and many will remember those tumultuous 24 months for the overseeing of a stillborn 989 project, as well as notable motorsport failings including heavy spending for an ultimately fruitless F1 venture.
CND symbol
The nuclear age demanded an outbreak of peace, and this was the banner behind which campaigners united Icon WORDS DELWYN MALLETT As the 1950s drew to a close, there was a widely held fear that the world was teetering on the brink of self-inflicted extinction. The three nuclear powers – USA, USSR and Britain – were engaged in a ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ race and popping off atomic bombs like firecrackers. By 1958 almost 300 bombs had been tested, mainly in the atmosphere.
A Porsche 911 history of the Targa roof
Since the inception of the iconic Porsche 911 in 1963, Zuffenhausen had been investigating ways of making an open-top version of their range-topping sports car. However, a lack of structural rigidity and changing US regulations had made finalising a conventional design nigh on impossible. Step forward the 911 Targa.
Edsel B Ford’s Mustang
Huw Evans takes a look at Edsel B Ford II’s one-of-a-kind 1965 Mustang, a truly unique and remarkable pony… Words: Huw Evans. Photography: Ford Motor Compan. Christmas pony Many of us have no doubt dreamed of getting a Mustang for our 16th birthday but in the case of Edsel B Ford II, not only did he receive a brand-new one as a gift from his father, Henry Ford II, he also got a car embellished with a whole raft of personal touches.
Ford Advanced Studio's 1965 Mustang design proposals - The ones that didn’t make it
In this special Mustang supplement, Classic American shares some rare Ford Advanced Styling Studio Concepts submitted on the day the original Mustang design proposal was chosen. You’ll be amazed at what the Mustang could have looked like… Words: Huw Evans. Photography: Ford Motor Company.
Buick Wildcat
You might associate Buick’s Wildcat nameplate with hot-rodded executive saloons, sizzling sedans if you like, but the nameplate originated on something far more radical, as Richard Heseltine discovers… To label the Buick Wildcat as being obscure is perhaps disingenuous, but it remains underappreciated in concept car lore. While not one of General Motors’ showstopping greats, it wasn’t without influence.
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