Restoration of the cars

Reader’s restoration 1973 Ford Consul L
Readers’ restoration: When Dan Godley looked to get back into a Consul after a break, he had his work cut out finding one — until he lucked out with this L-spec survivor. Words and Photos Jon Cass Consul L gets a new lease of life Dan Godley is certainly no stranger to a Mk1 Granada or indeed its almost identical Consul-badged cousin, but this 1973 2-litre V4 base model which was in desperate need of some major TLC happens to be one of the rarest he’s rescued so far.
Better than new – restoration 1994 Jaguar XJS Coupe 6.0-litre V12
We sample a lockdown project which got out of hand to produce a better-than-new XJS WORDS PAUL WAGER PHOTOGRAPHY PAUL WALTON Detail ManBetter than new – nut and bolt XJS restoration Unbelievable attention to detail has produced a 1994 Jaguar XJS Coupe 6.0-litre V12 which is quite possibly better than new. You could perhaps forgive the confusion.
Tired track toy made perfect: the BMW M3 88 Edition E30 ‘Europameister’
Owner John Kiely wanted this tired, unloved BMW M3 to be the best in the country. Dan Norris’s team at Munich Legends rose to the challenge. Words SAM DAWSON Photography TOM CRITCHELL ‘There was a foot-high hole in’ Epic Restoration How Munich Legends resurrected a track-thrashed BMW M3 88 It had barely scraped through its MoT test when it came to us,’ says Munich Legends’ restorer James Blackwell of the gleaming BMW E30 M3 now gracing his Haywards Heath workshop.
1964 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Series 1
This 1964 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 has only just been returned to the road following a crash by the first owner when it was just three months old. We explore its unique past and take it for a drive. WORDS & PHOTOGRAPHY PAUL WALTON Worth the wait60-YEAR E-TYPE RESTORATION - Crashed when just a few months old, this E-Type 4.2 was a multicoloured mess until being restored last year. Can you imagine how you'd feel if you crashed a three-month-old car?
Restoration 1970 Mercedes-Benz 600 W100
One of the most original W100 600s we’ve ever seen recently found a new home in Poland. We catch up with the car’s proud owner as he nears the end of his restoration mission. WORDS & IMAGES ROBB PRITCHARD Worth its weight in gold Catching up with the owner of a W100 600 as he nears the end of his restoration project The mighty 600, an absolute behemoth of a vehicle, was in it’s time the most luxurious and expensive car in the world.
Reader’s restoration 1973 Ford Escort 1300GT Mk1
Reader’s restoration: When Kevin McDermid found this rare Mk1 Escort 1300GT he decided to be different... and restore it to factory standard condition. Words Mike Renaut Photos Adrian Brannan READER’S RESTORATION: 1973 Ford Escort 1300GT Mk1When Kevin McDermid found this rare Escort 1300GT he decided to be different... and restore it to factory standard condition.
Restoration 1979 Lotus Esprit Series 2
There's no shortage of perfectionists in the classic car world, but Mark Suddaby went further than most to realise his dream. Mark Suddaby is clearly a sucker for punishment. Not only did he go to Hell and back to create his ideal Lotus Esprit, but having incorporated lots of mods throughout the restoration of his magnificent 1979 Series 2, he takes it to lots of shows where he has to endure abuse from the purists who gather at such meets, seemingly just to try to deflate owners.
Epic Restoration 1971 Dino 246GT
Gary Bates and his TRGB team had to dig deep to bring a rotten 1971 Dino 246GT back to this condition – and finding some of the parts, strewn around several locations, meant scaling new heights. Dino from rat’s nest to perfectionWords EMMA WOODCOCK Photos ALEX TAPLEY ‘Rustier than a fisherman’s bucket in a salt mine’Epic Restoration Triumph specialist takes on Ferrari’s delicacy – a rusty Dino 246GT How to restore a rusty Dino 246GT? First you have to find the rest of it...
1921 Skeoch
A piece of Scotland’s rare motoring history could have vanished forever without the resourcefulness and commitment of a unique body of men. Words NIGEL BOOTHMAN Photos ANDY MCCANDLISH, DALBEATTIE MEN’S SHED ‘All we had was the drawings and a badge’ Epic Restoration Could intrepid Scotsmen in sheds resurrect the enigmatic Skeoch? Resurrecting a Scottish motoring myth with Billy Connolly - the Skeoch This is a restoration story like no other we’ve covered.
Epic Restoration How do you restore a 1950 Ferrari 195S when you don’t know who built it?
This mystery of this unique 1950 Ferrari’s origin was unravelled by a detailed restoration – something never foreseen when the car arrived supposedly ready to run. Words NIGEL BOOTHMAN Photos JONATHAN FLEETWOOD ‘What would we find under the paint?’Restoring a mystery Ferrari: the 1950 195S I bought it on the basis that it would be a nice, drivable thing,’ says owner Keith Neilson.
Restored: Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen
Looking at these pictures you could be forgiven for thinking that this G-Wagen is something of a stealth machine, with its gunmetal paint, sharp edges and slab-sided panels. But the briefest of encounters with this unfeasibly cool 4x4 would soon make it clear that if there’s one thing that it cannot do, it’s stealth, on account of its ear-splitting soundtrack. If only there was some way for us to bring you moving pictures complete with sound.
1976 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Coupe Automatic
When Roger Knight and his friend Jim Gleeson decided to enter the gruelling LeJog rally in a low-mileage XJ6 4.2 Coupe, they were diving in at the deep end with no previous experience. Words Rob Hawkins Photography Gregory Owain.
Epic Restoration How a carefully-chosen Lamborghini Miura went from rusty to revered
Hunting down a Lamborghini Miura ripe for restoration was about finding the best candidate, not the biggest wreck. That still left plenty for Iain Tyrrell’s team to do Words Nigel Boothman. Photos Jonathan Fleetwood. ‘It was bought as a project – and it hid plenty Filler-clad Miura rescued Epic RestorationIf you’ve bought a Ferrari Daytona from someone, and you can stay friends with them afterwards, that’s not a bad start to a working relationship.
Restoration 1968 Jaguar E-type Series 2
Well known for his work in the MG scene, when Mark Wanstall of London’s Fisher Services chanced upon this E-type Series 2 it helped him to realise a dream. Words & Photography Jim Jupp. E-TYPE SERIES 2 RESTORATION: FULFILLING A DREAM CHANGE OF PACEMark Wanstall from MG specialist Fisher Services always wanted an E-type, a dream he fulfilled in 2012 when he found an early Series 2 in need of restoration. We go to see it.
Restored: Triumph Stag
All Stags are covetable, but this one is more desirable than most because it’s one of the pre-production prototypes. Words and pictures: Richard Dredge. Restored: Triumph Stag History is littered with cars that had huge potential, but which wasn’t realised for a variety of reasons. At the top of the pile is surely the Triumph Stag which seemingly couldn’t fail when it was launched in 1970. Here was an affordable four-seater convertible with a 3.
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