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1972 Alpine A110 1600S

Few cars are as rewardingly intimate to drive as an Alpine A110, or as successful in rallying. Richard Heseltine gets to grips with the marque’s own recce car on a Portuguese stage.

1992 Alpine A610 vs. 1997 Venturi Atlantique 260

In the 1990s, France produced a showdown between two glassfibre-bodied supercoupés with boosted Renault V6s: the Alpine A610 and Venturi Atlantique. Do they deserve to remain in perpetual obscurity?

300-Mile Test: 2024 Alpine A110R on road and track

Few ever tackle Porsche head-on, let alone its mesmerising Cayman GT4. Alpine has. We drive the serious – and ferociously expensive – A110R The last laugh.

1981 Alpine A310 V6 Group 4 Rally-Spec

Classic motor sport enthusiast Jamie Buchanan loves an oddball, and they don’t come stranger than his dream rear-engined 1981 Alpine A310. We throw him the keys for an unconventional blast

1971 Alpine A310 vs. 1972 Lotus Europa Special

Developed on opposite sides of the English Channel, the Alpine A310 and Lotus Europa offered supercar technology in miniature.

1990 Alpine A710 W71 Prototype

It didn’t get to succeed the A610, but instead transformed into one of the ’90s most extreme sports cars

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