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770kg seam-welded 1980 Volkswagen Golf Mk1 with 206hp 16v motor

In the relentless pursuit of power-to-weight saving, Frank Wolkers set out his goal to build a sub-700kg Mk1 track car. Here’s how he did it.

On the hunt for criminals in Bodie & Doyle’s 1980 Ford Capri 3.0S

These Ford Capri 3.0Ss were the cars driven by Bodie and Doyle in a bunch of 1980-filmed episodes of cult TV show The Professionals. We drive both – cardboard boxes beware.

1980 BMW M1 3.5 Coupe E26

The history of the E26 BMW M1 is a tragic one. First, Lamborghini put the entire project in jeopardy, then the botched Group 4 homologation and the second oil crisis shocked everyone. But owning one of the only 453 mid-engine speedsters built as a result is all the more enjoyable, as Reiner Ahrend knows.

CzesławAirSuspension air-ride 1980 BMW 318 E21

Fine attention to detail, incredible levels of patience and a determination to make his E21 as perfect as possible means that this much-loved BMWis one of the nicest examples of its kind in Eastern Europe.

1980 Porsche 911 Targa SC-L upgrade 3.1-litre

Factory sanctioned Porsche power packages are commonplace in the present, but things were decidedly different in the late 1970s, when Zuffenhausen’s 3.1-litre 911 SC-L upgrade was offered in hushed tones...

1980 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible

This elegant Corniche has found a happy home for life, says its owner. Careful investment and attention has turned a good example into a car to be proud of…and it gets enjoyed, too.

Modified 1980 Mini Clubman Estate

Nick Klee loved tinkering with an array of cars, often fitting full-on ICE systems, but hadn’t engaged in a rebuild until a 1980 Clubman Estate came on his radar. “I didn’t go out looking for a Mini,” recalled Nick. Apparently, the owners were moving house and the Estate, which had been rotting on a driveway for two years, was surplus to requirements. For just £50 he became the new owner. “I started stripping it down and I was left with an awful lot of bodywork.”

1972 Mercedes-Benz 280S W116 vs. 1980 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL Automatic V116

Marking 50 years since the launch of the 116-series S-Class with help from two keen owners. Half a century after their grand debut, the 116-series Mercedes-Benz S-Classes remain highly impressive limousines, combining breathtaking sophistication with self-assured looks and effortless performance – characteristics that are serving them well in today’s collector market.

1980 Volkswagen Jetta Mk1 gets 250bhp R32 transplant

Blending classic performance styling with modern muscle, JP van der Horst’s Jetta is a home-brew hot rod with the details to match the best in the business

Stunning 1980 Volkswagen Caddy Mk1 1.5 Diesel

Kyle Bush has built this stunning 1980 Volkswagen Caddy MK1 and with a father who was a VW mechanic for 34 years, it was perhaps inevitable that he’d catch the bug…

1980 Pontiac Trans Am

Having purchased his dream 1980 Pontiac Trans Am, Joe London began restoring the car and added a few individual touches along the way – as you do!

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