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Rare convertible 1983 Ford Fiesta XR2 Fly Mk1

Readers’ restoration: Lifelong Fiesta fan, Rob Colton always had the desire to one day own a rare convertible Ford Fiesta XR2 Fly Mk1. Tracking one down would be no easy task — and then the hard work really began.

Puna-engined Ford Fiesta Mk4 meets kitted Fiesta Mk5

On the one hand, a turn-of-the-millennium tuner build; on the other, a Puma-swapped toy. Mike Julien’s taking a diverse approach to doing what Ford never did with the Mk4/Mk5 Fiesta platform.

Extremely green 275bhp Ford Fiesta Mk8 daily driver

Lean, mean, and very green, this Mk6 Fiesta might look a little sickly, but the only discharge you have to look out for might be some flames coming from the exhaust, courtesy of the turbo’d Honda K24 under the bonnet…

223bhp I4-Swapped 1988 Ford Fiesta 1.1 L Mk2

Internet critics may tell you that the I4 is the wrong engine to swap into a classic Ford. But with results this good, who wants to be ‘right’?

Rally-spec 1982 Ford Fiesta Mk1

Beautifully prepared with an outstanding motorsport spec, this Ford Fiesta Mk1 is just waiting for its time to shine…

1993 Ford Fiesta RS Turbo Mk3 - show-stopping looks and a 355bhp ZVH

Ever-evolving and built tough, Adam Pope’s venomous Fiesta has looped back to Fast Ford for the second time around.

200bhp 1982 Ford Fiesta XR2 turbo Mk1

It may have taken the best part of 20 years to finish, but Neil Shore’s Mk1 XR2 turbo is an incredible creation built from pure determination — and a love of Fiestas.

2023 Ford Fiesta Active 1.0 EcoBoost Automatic

Up until Covid-19 hit and then the shortage of semi-conductor chips began, Ford’s Fiesta was the best-selling new car in the UK and had been for many years. But with a limited number of chips to go round

Stunning 1979 Ford Fiesta Sandpiper Mk1

Original or modified? Budget build or show-stopping finish? As Paul Stott’s Jaffa Cake Fiesta proves, you don’t always have to make these decisions. Sometimes you can have both.

1982 Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk1

As the go-faster Fiesta celebrates 40 years, we revisit the first of the breed.

240bhp 1988 Ford Fiesta RS Turbo Mk3

Having already built three Fast Ford feature cars – including an award-winning cover star – Jamie Hurley is back with his latest build. And it’s another winner…

120bhp XR Challenge-powered, Vista Orange 1988 Ford Fiesta Mk2

Having owned XR2s in his youth, Doug Scheller had long fantasised about owning another. And then one day, at the age of 45, a fruity citrus hit turned the dream into reality

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