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1972 Porsche 911 SC Backdate build from The Hairpin Company

With an architectural approach to its design and build, this SC backdate has universal appeal, as Total 911 discovers…

Is the Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 the best G-series 911?

The sweet spot of the classic, air-cooled 911 generation? The ultimate G-series 911? There is a strong argument for the Carrera 3.2 being both...

Viper Green Porsche 911 SC Outlaw

Eye candy comes in curious hues, especially when it’s channelling the early 1970s. This Viper Green 911 SC Outlaw reminds us of no one else but Kermit the Frog. We splashed out on a visit to PIE Performance to check out the amphibian...

Air-cooled classic 270bhp 3.2-litre 1967 Porsche 911 SC restomod

Don’t mess about! If a particular competition model has caught your eye, or if a specific era of Porsche production turns you on, then go for it. This is precisely what Dave Lewis did — infatuated by the legendary 911 ST of 1967, he found just what he wanted in a 1981 SC backdate...

An RS-influenced 1983 Porsche 911 SC restomod

This once derelict 1983 911 SC is now sporting an RS-inspired exterior and is developing close to 275bhp from its freshly tuned three-litre flat-six…

Eugene Metzger’s resto-modded turbocharging a Porsche 911 SC

Seamlessly merging influences from Porsche’s 70s motorsport programme, Eugene Metzger’s resto-modded 911 SC is far more personal than a tribute to the golden era of sports car racing.

Mike Brewer’s personalised 1982 Porsche 911 SC

Taking pride of place in Mike Brewer’s personal collection of cars, this modified 1982 911 SC benefits from bespoke bodywork and a Rasant Products tuning package…

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