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1950 VW Sportkabriolett Dannenhauer & Stauss

Built on Porsche 356 running gear, this Sportkabriolett is the car Dannenhauer & Stauss had always dreamed of creating.

1995 Ford GT90

It was to be America’s first supercar. Ford had been designing vehicles based on its ‘Aero’ language since the 1980s: when the original Taurus saved the company from the increasingly confident – and better built – competition. By the mid-1990s, Aero was standard operating procedure at the Ford design department – if it “ain’t broke” …

1967 BMW-GLAS 1600GT vs. 1965 GLAS 2600 V8

These pretty coupés bridge the gap between independence and BMW ownership for the tiny Dingolfing concern founded by Hans Glas.

1938 Lagonda V12

Lagonda’s V12 was an ostentatious pre-war masterpiece that delivered luxury and performance in spades. Its allure remains undimmed to this day.

1971 Alpine A310 vs. 1972 Lotus Europa Special

Developed on opposite sides of the English Channel, the Alpine A310 and Lotus Europa offered supercar technology in miniature.

1952 Ferrari 225 S Vignale Berlinetta

Early small-capacity V12 Ferraris feel very special indeed to drive, as we discover in a Vignale-bodied 225 S with a competition past

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