Patrick Teague cycled through France to buy his 1968 Peugeot 404 Pick-Up
By the time I was 15, I’d been to lots of historic trials and race events with my dad, but I’d never spent much time in the workshop. That changed during lockdown, when he and I built an Austin Seven Ulster Rep together. Then I bought an MGB trials car that hadn’t been used for about five years, got it running and did a seasons trialling in it in MCC events, before selling it to put money toward this Peugeot.
Market Watch Alpina B10 V8 E39 - Saloon and Touring models
Alpina’s exclusive E39 B10 V8 Saloon and Touring are fast becoming collectable classics – but make sure you buy a top-notch example. Words: Guy Baker Market WatchOur expert takes a look at the ultra-rare E39 Alpina B10 V8. Almost all BMW aficionados have some kind of soft spot for V8 E39s, and Alpina’s bespoke takes on the theme are now becoming sought-after with classic collectors.
BMW E46 330i Saloon and Touring, 330Ci Coupé and Convertible
With enduring styling and a rewarding drive, BMW’s great-value E46 330i and 330Ci models are much admired, but avoid rough examples. Words: Guy Baker Some BMWs have stood the test of time better than others, like the well-proportioned E46 models, which are prominent on many enthusiasts’ ownership wish lists.
Market Watch BMW 8 Series E31
An alluring classic, BMW’s shark-nosed 840Ci coupé is great value, but we’d recommend you stick to the later 4.4-litre model. Words: Guy Baker MARKET WATCH Our expert takes a look at the used E31 8 Series market Instantly recognisable, BMW’s 1990s 8 Series grand tourer provides a hefty dose of elegance and panache, and if you find a well-fettled 4.4-litre 1996- on 840Ci, then you could enjoy years of dependable retro V8 motoring in an appreciating classic.
1967 Triumph GT6
Chromium is a chemical element occurring naturally in many forms, but in hexavalent form it’s toxic and carcinogenic. And it covers significant parts of an old car, including bumpers, doorhandles and windscreen surrounds. Funny thing though, as Nigel Hayward, production manager at S&T Electroplating, points out: ‘We don’t use a lot. In fact, the chromium is really just a thin lacquer to seal in the nickel-plate underneath.
Making the most of it 1999 Porsche Boxster 986
‘A summer of excuses’, I predicted. And sure enough, at every opportunity I’ve enjoyed a blast in the Boxster – when I haven’t been using my BMW Convertible, that is.
Tyred and emotional 1989 BMW 320i Convertible E30
Boy, was it hot at the weekend. Perfect weather for being out in the BMW with the roof down. Thing is, it had been garaged for three weeks since our last trip. It’s kept a couple of miles away in a lock-up, while the Boxster lives on the other side of my office wall. And something had slipped my mind. As we headed out, I was revelling in its refinement. Sure, it has one of the smoothest engines in existence, but I suddenly noticed the ride and the lack of underlying vibration.
2023 Bizzarrini 5300 GT Corsa Revival
Bizzarrini 5300 GT Corsas don’t come up for sale too often. The situation is even rarer in the case of chassis no.0222, which won its class at Le Mans in 1965. Yet you can now buy yourself one of 24 perfect copies of it. Second time luckyThis is ‘Car Zero’, the prototype, the first realisation of the reborn Bizzarrini marque’s 5300GT Corsa Revival.
1977 Lancia Beta Coupé 2000
After nine years and 20,000 miles of relatively trouble-free motoring, I parted with my much-loved 1979 Citroën GS. My goal was an affordable entry into the Italian classic car market; the Lancia Beta range fitted the bill. There's nothing like a restricted budget to focus your attentions, equivalent Alfas were comparatively expensive. I've a soft spot for an Alfasud, but if anything, they're even thinner on the ground. The Beta coupé turned into the sole contender.
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