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2002 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Car

Classic American photographer Matt Richardson realised a dream after doing his automotive research for more than a decade on how to buy the perfect Ford Crown Vic P71 US police car. Only after searching the whole of America did he find the one that he always wanted: detective spec, low mileage and dark…

Modified 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 V6 Manual X400

The last-of-the-line X-Type was a very different beast from the early cars, but we meet one X400 fan who has combined the two with some neat OEM-style upgrades.

500bhp 2002 Volkswagen Golf R32 Mk4

While Volkswagen was celebrating 20 years of R-badged Golfs with the most powerful version to date, Jay Turner was putting the finishing touches to a 500bhp overhaul of the original model accompanied by a unique Group B soundtrack.

2002 Chevrolet Bel Air Concept

When is a Bel Air not a Bel Air? When it’s a 2002 concept that looks more like a Ford Thunderbird crossed with an SSR, that’s when!

2002 BMW M5 E39

Was the third generation of M5 the best? We chart its history and meet an owner who bought three to find his perfect specification.

2002 BMW Z8 E52

Terry Unwin has owned scores of classics over the years, but the BMW Z8 E52 is one itch that he’s never been able to scratch – until now.

2002 Lexus IS300 XE1

Our final contender is both significant and poignant. Not only is it our only Japanese offering in this test, but it’s also the model that reflects a change in buying habits that might well spell the death knell of the sports saloon altogether. The third and current generation of the Lexus IS300 will be its final iteration, because around 80 per cent of new drivers prefer the elevated driving position of the company’s SUVs.

Modified 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera 996.2 vs. 2009 Cayman S Sport 987

Porsches have always lent themselves to brash colourways, demonstrated by this Mint Green 996 and Orange 987 Cayman S Sport. And, as if their striking livery wasn’t enough, both cars have been enhanced by Suffolk-based marque specialist, Charlie Wildridge...

2002 BMW 745Li E66 vs. 2003 Jaguar XJ8 Sport 4.2 X350

These two chairmen’s carriages offered what their manufacturers felt was the perfect blend of comfort and technology but achieved their aims in different ways – one favoured evolution, while the other was unashamedly revolutionary. Both are excellent value modern classics today, but one’s just that little bit more captivating

2002 BMW Z3 1.9 E36/7

No other car here – not even the MX-5 – sums up the Nineties roadster revival quite like this unmissable Dakar Yellow BMW Z3. The Z3 seemingly picked up where the odd, conceptual disappearing-doored Z1 (1986-1991) left off, but there was much more to it than that.

2002 BMW 530i Automatic Champagne II E39
  • Rich in hedonistic pleasure and dripping with turn-of-the-millennium charm, the Champagne II is the E39 for the true connoisseur…
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