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1966 Aston Martin DB5 V8

To aid development of the Tadek Marek-designed V8, Aston Martin produced a one-off DB5/DB6 hybrid in early 1966 that was powered by the new unit. Despite being a well-used prototype, the car survived and we’ve driven it.

Aston Martin DB5 vs. Bristol 408

As a variety of cars we excelled at, there were plenty of British-built grand tourers during the Sixties and one of the best was the Aston Martin DB5. Or did the rarer Bristol 408 off er something more?

1965 Aston Martin DB5 Radford Shooting Brake

Instigated by David Brown himself but hand-built by a London-based coachbuilder, Harold Radford, the DB5 Shooting Brake was aimed at Aston Martin owners who enjoyed outdoor pursuits and therefore needed more interior room. Just 12 were produced and we’ve tracked one down.

1966 Aston Martin DB5 V8

This unique DB5 was created by Aston Martin’s Experimental department as a test-bed for its new V8 engine. Peter Tomalin takes the wheel.

Aston Martin DB5 Vantage came in three forms: we try Saloon, Convertible and ’Brake

How would you like your DB5 Vantage: Saloon, Convertible or Shooting Brake? Or, if you’ve got a cool £4m sitting around, you could buy all three. We drive them — and fantasise about that Lottery win.

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