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825bhp tuned 1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

A Fast Ford icon just got better. We revisit the four-wheel drive three-door Cosworth, ELE, now boasting over 800bhp, WRC-inspired suspension and a 200mph ambition…

200bhp 1993 Ford Sierra P100 pick-up gets the restomod treatment and BMW M47 2-litre engined

Most P100s were sent to the knacker’s yard years ago. Luckily, Gary York found this tidy example locally, but felt that it needed some Bavarian giddy up…

1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

It’s likely that among the cars we have here, for those of a certain age at least one bounces off the page, rebounds off memories of teenage bedroom walls and slams straight into your affections. Hands down, for me it’s the Cossie. Not for me Porsches, Ferraris or Lambos. For many others it was the same – why? Because this was a Ford Sierra – a car that, albeit initially unloved, swiftly became as much a staple of British life as Woolworths and Bullseye. Only this Sierra had a turbocharged fourpot and a rear wing seemingly large enough to perch Concorde on. Oh, and with some relatively minor modifications, could be tuned to 350bhp and beyond, blowing automotive exotica into the weeds.

200mph 838bhp 1989 Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth

After 20 years at the top and a decade since its last feature, this high speed Ford Sierra Cosworth is still pushing boundaries thanks to a new lease of life...

1991 Ford Sierra 4x4 Ghia Estate

Reader’s restoration: This rare 1991 Ford Sierra Ghia 4x4 estate was saved by a father and son team who went through some bad luck and great luck in the process…

ST170-powered 1984 Ford Sierra 2.3D GL Estate

This Sierra may have started life as a leisurely diesel — and it still has the badges to prove it — but thanks to Tom Jackson’s wily tricks, it’s hiding some high-octane surprises…

538bhp Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 2WD

We first spotted this stunning Saph at RS Combe back in 2019, but then someone ate a dead bat and the world went mad. Fortunately, we managed to track it down and, finally, get it featured…

2.0-litre ST170 engined 400bhp 1990 Ford Sierra LX Estate

Built in a garage at home and with 400 bhp on tap, this unsuspecting Sierra estate is a perfect homebuilt hero in every way.

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