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1959 Jaguar XK150 Special

This one-off special might look like a pre-war racing car but it was made in the late 2010s and is based on the running gear of a 1959 XK150.

1959 Jaguar Mk1 bodyshell and 265bhp 3.8-litre XK-engine

Originally starting life as a 1959 3.4, this Mk1 has recently been been given a 3.8-litre and was built for fast road use.

1959 Goggomobil Dart

Cute and cuddly, the Goggomobil Dart is one of the rarest of roadsters. Looks like it could have been, should have been, a prototype character for a Pixar movie about lightweight sportscars roaming the great Outback.

Fibrocar 1959 Alfa Romeo 1900 S

No it’s not a Corvette – it’s a unique Alfa Romeo 1900 rebodied in Belgium

1959 Jaguar 3.8 Mk1

This Jaguar Mk1 has been developed to a high pitch over the last 27 years of ownership. And it became a crime-busting TV star on the way, as Robert Coucher discovers.

1959 Borgward Isabella Coupe

There are not many motoring stories that start on a boat but this one does. In fact, this automotive tale began in 2012 on a yacht. Les was sailing with his friend off the coast of Queensland enjoying the salt air and wind swept spray on his skin when he noticed a sheet of newspaper in the water. Reaching out he retrieved the rubbish and in doing so the classifieds section caught his eye.

1959 Porsche 356A

The workshop is crammed and dark, I carefully pick my way through the clutter, car parts

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