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Matteo Licata reflects on Alfa Romeo’s mid-engined, OSI-built Scarabeo of the 1960s
Scarabeo is the Italian word for ‘beetle’ but for a few Alfa Romeo connoisseurs, it is also the name of one of the most tantalising ‘might have been’ chapters in the marque’s history. The story of Project 105.56 began in February 1966, less than a month after Giuseppe Busso and Alfa's experimental department had begrudgingly surrendered development of the Tipo 33 sports prototype to Autodelta, Alfa’s racing division headed by Carlo Chiti.
Matteo Licata, explodes the myth that Alfa Romeo Alfasuds rusted because of Russian steel
Russia has deservedly been at the receiving end of some genuinely awful press over the last few months. However, if there’s one thing we should definitely stop blaming Russia for, it’s the Alfasud’s now legendary proclivity for terminal rust.
How to fix a rusty Alfa-Romeo Alfasud, 1980s-style Glassfibre replacement body package
Alfa plus rusty Alfasud? This 1980s Glassfibre replacement body package was one solution. Story by Richard Heseltine OBSCURATI CURIOSITIES FROM THE AMAZING WORLD OF ITALIAN CARS Body conversions now comprise a significant sector of the British specialist car industry. Some are produced by kit car outfits, others by more highfalutin, cough, ‘coachbuilders’. Such reimagining is nothing new, though. Among the earliest such makeovers was the Alfa Plus which emerged in 1984.
​​Buying guide Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider Type 916
Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider Fizzing performance, Italian style and top value make this a tempting modern classic. Words JAMES WALSHE Photography BAUER MEDIA ARCHIVE Buy an Alfa GTV: huge style, big fun, small price Just look at it. All sporting coupés of the Nineties had driver appeal in one way or another, but none could match the sheer presence of the Tipo 916 Alfa Romeo GTV. The Spider, although less delicate than its predecessor, had equal visual punch.
Alfa-Romeo Tonale too good to fail
Our new Italian columnist – design critic Matteo Licata – explains why the new Alfa-Romeo Tonale needs to succeed at all costs I'll turn 40 this year, and I've been hearing bold Alfa Romeo revival plans for as long as I've been alive. Yet, to put it mildly, success has proven elusive. Arguably, there have been times when it seemed the ‘Biscione’ was back for good, for instance between 1998 and 2002 when the 156 and 147 posted record sales and Alfa dominated European Touring Car racing.
Buyers’ Guide Alfa-Romeo 4C Type 960
Alfa’s 4C is an undoubted classic: an out-and-out sports car with a carbon tub and supercar pace. With prices on the rise, is now a good time to buy? And what should you be looking for? Story by Nathan Chadwick. Images by Michael Ward.
Buyers Guide Alfa-Romeo GTV/Spider Type-916
Alfa Romeo is no stranger to producing distinctive and desirable cars, but the Type 916 GTV and Spider are on another level when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Designed by Enrico Fumia while working at Pininfarina, with the interior penned by Walter de Silva, these wedge-shaped sportsters were launched more than a quarter of a century ago, yet they still look fresh and are thoroughly usable modern classics. Words: Richard Dredge. Pictures: John Colley.
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