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Buying and tuning guide 1985-1992 BMW 325i E30
The E30 3 Series is a true classic icon, one beloved by the BMW community, and the 325i is arguably the most desirable non-M model of the lot. Our guide will help you to get your hands on the perfect example of this fantastic retro machine. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Gregory Owain Buying and Tuning Guide: E30 325i Our in-depth guide will help you to buy the perfect-classic 3 Series. The E30 is an absolute classic, arguably the 3 Series that everyone wants.
Buying Guide MG RV8
Robust, genuinely special and curiously overlooked, MG’s Nineties V8 tourer is ripe for buying Words JAMES WALSHE Photography JOHN COLLEY/MAGIC CAR PICS Six steps to buying a MG RV8Buying Guide How to buy a fine MG RV8 without fear MG’s RV8 is an unusual beast, with unrealised market potential.
Buyer’s Guide Mercedes-Benz C350 Coupe C204
Rakish looks and invigorating V6 performance make the four-seat C350 Coupe of 2011 to 2015 a highly desirable daily driver – so here’s everything you need to know about this sexy two-door... WORDS DAVID SUTHERLAND IMAGES ERIC RICHARDSON Natural appeal  Buyer’s Guide 204-series C350 CoupeAfter offering a disparate, even confused range of medium-sized coupes during the 2000s, Mercedes-Benz finally cut through the murk in 2011 and launched a two-door based on the 204-series C-Class Saloon.
Buying guide Jaguar XJ X350
The last of the traditional-looking XJs was surprisingly high-tech under the skin and makes a very practical modern classic. WORDS: PAUL WAGER JAGUAR XJ X350 The last of the traditional-looking XJs makes a very practical modern classic. It may have been the last of the traditional-looking Jaguars, but the significance of the ‘X350’ generation of XJ saloon both to the automotive industry in general and Jaguar in particular is hard to overstate.
Buying guide Jaguar S-Type X200
The Jaguar S-Type X200 is still an affordable prospect but as numbers fall, values are gradually starting to rise. Here’s what you need to know if you fancy a survivor. WORDS PAUL WAGER BUYING GUIDE X200 S-TYPE The affordable modern classic BUYING THE S-TYPE All the info you’ll need if you’re in the market for the very affordable and very capable X200 S-Type.
Buyers Guide Toyota Celica T200
Toyota’s rally icon is a smart-buy bargain – for now Words ROSS ALKUREISHI Photography CHARLIE MAGEE Seven steps to buying a Toyota Celica T200Buying Guide Bag a bargain Toyota Celica before prices climb into collector territory It should be an icon. In GT-Four form the Castrol-liveried MkVI Toyota Celica dominated the 1994 World Rally Championship with the likes of Juha Kankkunen and Didier Auriol behind the wheel.
Buying Guide Renault Clio Williams
The Nineties hot-hatch legend is still surprisingly affordable for an icon. Words JAMES WALSHE Photography MAGIC CAR PICS ARCHIVE Buying Guide Snag yourself a Nineties icon – the Renault Clio Williams – with confidence Just as the Peugeot 205GTi 1.9 bowed out of production in 1992, the Renault Clio Williams took on its mantle as the king of the hot hatches. It became an instant icon and prices reflect its increasingly collectible status.
Eight steps to buying a Ford Anglia 105/123E
Cult appeal means these are a safe place for your money – but prices are rising. Words RICHARD DREDGE Photography JOHN COLLEY Buying Guide  How to buy a Ford Anglia 105E/123E while avoiding Harry Potter hype Ever since a magic Anglia 105E flew across the screen in 2002’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ford’s ‘baby Thunderbird’ has been transformed from charming old saloon to decent investment.
Buyers Guide Aston Martin DB9
The first Aston Martin of the modern Gaydon era but now verging on classic status, the DB9 is a tempting sports GT for not too much money. Here’s how to buy one.
Buying Guide Ford Focus Mk1
Sharp looks and excellent dynamics combined to make the original Ford Focus the family car of choice for enthusiasts. It still impresses today, as long as you bag a good ‘un… A NEW EDGE Words: Chris Randall Photography: Jeff Ruggles BUYING GUIDE: FORD FOCUS MK1 All you need to know when shopping for the critically acclaimed first-generation model Eminently usable, fantastic to drive and cheap to buy, the first-generation Ford Focus is fast becoming a fine modern classic choice.
Buying Guide Jaguar Mk2
Established as a true British icon, the Jaguar Mk2 unlocked the potential of its Mk1 predecessor and turned it from a modest success into a major one. Here’s what you need to know when buying one. Words: Paul Guinness Photography: Jeff Ruggles ABSOLUTE CLASSICThe iconic Jaguar Mk2 is an archetypal classic that still carries plenty of cachet. Here’s what you need to know when buying one.
Buying Guide Ford Thunderbird 2000-2005 XI (Retro Birds)
After 20 years, is this retro-styled T-Bird worthy of re-evaluation? As a Bond fan, whenever I see the retro-styled Ford Thunderbird I’m reminded of its fleeting appearance in Die Another Day. Driven by Bond’s CIA counterpart Jinx (Halle Berry), it fits the larger-than-life character and joyfully OTT film down to that last T. Yet, out in the real world, there’s something slightly surreal about it – especially in the UK.
Buying Guide Audi Quattro
This technical groundbreaker is also a tough, usable classic, and interest is increasing in all things Eighties, making it a keen investment too. Words SAM DAWSON Photography BAUER ARCHIVE Fearless Audi Quattro buyingBuying Guide How to get yourself an Audi Quattro while they’re still good value (just) Now is a good time to buy an Audi Quattro.
Buyers’ Guide 1976-1992 Toyota Cressida
Little did we know in the 1980s that one day we would look upon the humble Cressida as a classic. It now has everything necessary to wear the accolade – and it makes for excellent everyday transport, too. 1976-1992 Toyota Cressida - Long-life bread and butter PACKAGINGAs the packaging is rather uninteresting, some history instead. These are really the third and fourth generations of this car. However, it started life as the Corona, previously covered in this series.
Lamborghini Huracán Buyers’ Guide
After eight years on sale, the Huracán remains Lamborghini’s most focused driver’s car ever. With plenty of examples to choose from, is this the perfect used Lambo? Or are there hidden traps awaiting? Words by Tim Pitt Images by Michael Ward LAMBORGHINI HURACÁN: USED BUYING SECRETS REVEALEDIs Lamborghini’s most popular car a great buy? Lamborghini built, on average, about 200 cars a year during its first four decades – including fewer than 2000 examples of the Countach and 800 Miuras.
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