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Buying guide Ford Capri 280 Mk3
Ford’s final, limited-edition 280 became a collectible classic as soon as it was announced. 37 years on, here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of buying one. Words Christian Tilbury Photos Magic Car Pics BUYERS GUIDE: Ford Capri 280 What you need to know when buying the final Mk3 Capri.
Buying Guide Bentley Continental R
It bore a great weight of history on its broad shoulders – the Continental name and a decent shout to be the Blower Bentley for the 1990s. With prices spread across such a vast range, what should we look for?
Buying Guide Citroen BX 16 Valve
Characterful yet cool, quick yet suave - and as French as they come THE MARKET / Buying GuideHow does the Lamborghini designer get to Lamborghini? It was a question asked and answered by Citroens clever ad department in the late 1980s, making a feature of the fact that the man responsible for styling the Countach, Marcello Gandini, chose a BX 16 Valve as his daily driver. In a class filled with conservative family cars, the BX was a real breath of fresh air.
Buying Guide Volvo 164 - 1969-1976
Taking on the Germans and British with a straight-six and a stately grille After the Second World War, most survivors had to pick up the pieces, rebuild and slowly pull themselves out of poverty. This meant transport had to be highly affordable, leading to smaller cars with smaller, four-cylinder engines. After some years, the straight-sixes began to reappear as luxurious alternatives to small inline-fours.
Buying Guide Jaguar XE X760
The first of the petrol-engined XE models from 2015 to 2017 can now be found for sale from around £10,000, so is now the right time to buy one? Follow our guide to discover what to look for. WORDS ROB HAWKINS BUYING THE XE We bring you the essential info on the early petrol-powered models.
Buying Guide Daimler SP250
Overlooked for decades, this charming Daimler roadster makes a cost-effective alternative to an early Jaguar E-type – for now Words JAMES WALSHE Photography JOHN COLLEY Buying Guide Take a look at the innovative Daimler SP250 while it’s still a great value buy What to pay There is no real difference between A-, B- and C-spec cars in terms of value.
Buying Guide 1967-1972 Aston Martin DBS
Discover what to look for and the costs involved in buying, owning and running a six-cylinder or V8-powered DBS. WORDS ROB HAWKINS IMAGES AMD ARCHIVE What to look for when buying one of the great-value classic Aston Martins, the DBS from 1967 to 1972 1967-1972 Aston Martin DBS BUYING GUIDE Manufactured between 1967 and 1972, the first generation of the DBS paved the way for a new style of Aston Martin that became a success well into the Eighties.
Early 2.0-, 2.2- and 2.4-litre Porsche 911S index
The S stood for ‘Sport’ and the faster, more powerful and sharperhandling 911S duly delivered. We explore the history, tech, values and investment potential of the 2.0-, 2.2- and 2.4-litre cars. Written by Tim Pitt EARLY 911S INDEXPorsche Index: 911S Everything you need to know about the early 2.0-, 2.2- and 2.4-litre Porsche 911S, with key advice from experts HISTORY AND TECHUntil the Carrera 2.7 RS debuted in 1973, the S was the flagship of the 911 range.
Buying Guide Jaguar XK X150
The XK8 spearheaded Jaguar’s revival but the aluminium XK was a high-tech way to leapfrog the Germans. WORDS PAUL WAGER BUYING THE X150 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOWAll the info you need if you’re in the market for the advanced all-aluminium coupe. As the first all-new model to be released under Ford ownership, the original X100-generation XK8 was an impressive statement of intent fired across the bows of all the industry pundits who had forecast an immediate downturn in product in the pursuit of volume.
Buying Guide Peugeot 406 Coupé
This dramatic grand tourer makes for a useable, beautiful, and very affordable classic. Words RICHARD DREDGE Photography JOHN COLLEY Buying Guide How to bag a Franco-Italian Peugeot 406 Coupé beauty from £800 Surviving examples of this stylish coupé are dwindling because of uncaring ownership and increasingly scarce parts, so if you fancy putting on your driveway, now’s the time to strike. The badge may be French, but Peugeot’s 406 Coupé is effectively an Italian exotic.
Buying Guide Bentley Arnage
Replacing the Turbo R, the Arnage was caught up in one of the most bizarre buyouts in British industrial history. But that just means there are interesting choices to be made when buying one. WORDS: WILL HOLMAN PHOTOGRAPHY: KELSEY ARCHIVE BUY BENTLEY’S LUXURY BARGAINBUYING ADVICE BENTLEY ARNAGE BUYING GUIDE: BENTLEY ARNAGE All you need to know to select the best ‘...there’s no real price differential between BMW and L Series engine variants, at least for nice low-mileage examples.
Buying Guide BMW 740i E38
It was state of the art when it was new, and there’s still plenty of luxury to enjoy with one of the most beautifully-proportioned BMWs ever made. Words: Bob Harper Photos: Jason Dodd Buying Guide: E38 740iThe magnificent third-gen 7 Series offers luxury on a budget – here’s what to look for when shopping for one.
Buying Guide Volvo 480
This rare Swede not only looks great but is also a surprising bargain THE MARKET / Buying Guide This Volvo is difficult to pigeonhole. The 480 is not a hatchback in the usual sense, but neither is it a traditional coupé. Although it clearly drew inspiration from the 1800ES, describing it as a shooting brake doesn’t feel quite right, either. Whatever it is, it’s certainly one of the most intriguing cars ever built by the Swedish manufacturer, and one that remains great value today.
Buyers Guide Jaguar X-Type X400
The smallest Jaguar makes an affordable and practical if controversial modern classic but it does have its pitfalls. Here’s what you need to know. WORDS PAUL WAGER BUYING X-TYPE THE ESSENTIAL INFOWill this very capable sports saloon ever be any more affordable? Here’s what you need to know. To some extent the best classics are those which are controversial enough to arouse fierce debate and the X-Type is certainly one of them.
Buying Guide Mercedes-Benz CL C215
Could this be the classic world’s biggest bargain? One of these world-beating, exclusive GTs can be yours from just £3000, but avoiding costly gremlins is vital. Words RICHARD DREDGE Photography JOHN COLLEY Buying Guide Bargain of the century? Buy a Mercedes-Benz CL C215 for as little as £4000 The bigger they are the further they fall – and few cars have fallen quite so far and become quite so much of a bargain as the C215 Mercedes-Benz CL.
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