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1993 Daimler Majestic

His Majesty’s pleasure. The Daimler Majestic was a rare beast in its own right – an Insignia model even more so. We revisit a one-off XJ40.

1947 Daimler DE27 Hooper State Limousine

The Queen’s Daimler. Driving Her Majesty's first ever state car. This Daimler limousine was HM Queen Elizabeth Il’s first State car — back when she was still a princess. Glen Waddington tells a royal tale.

1989 Daimler Sovereign 3.6 XJ40

The Daimler 3.6 was the ultimate luxury variant of the XJ40. We tracked down a very special one with just 12,000 miles on the clock.

Driving the manual 4-spd 1976 Daimler Double Six Coupe

We go back in time to sample a car you couldn’t officially buy but which could so easily have been built.

1992 Daimler Double Six Series 3

Final flourish The XJ12 Series 3 remained in production for over two decades, only finishing in late 1992. We revisit the very last example on its 30th anniversary

1991 Jaguar XJ40 Estate

I make no secret at all of my love of Jaguar’s big saloon cars – especially those of the Eighties and Nineties, which I’ve owned in various guises since I was first able to scrape together the insurance premium in my mid-20s.

1983 Daimler Sovereign Series 3 4.2 Manual

Any Jaguar XJ6 Series 3 with a manual gearbox is unusual, but more so when it’s a luxurious Daimler Sovereign. We track down a rare example and explain its significance

1987 Daimler-badged XJ40 3.6

The Daimler 3.6 was once the pride of the pack; today, less than 50 remain taxed and in use. The flagship XJ40 is now a seldom seen scarcity… A rare beauty.

1955 Daimler Conquest Roadster

The stylish good looks, sweeping lines, low slung suspension and the fact that it was designed and built in England suggests only one thing – this is a Jaguar sports car. But it isn’t – does that leave you guessing?

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