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Maserati’s misunderstood Biturbo at 40: Giant Test

Was the Biturbo the biggest mistake Maserati ever made – or a superbly useable exotic that saved the company? As the Biturbo turns 40 years old, we reassess its legacy via four very different versions

1971 Maserati Bora

Maserati has not been the only automotive manufacturer to appropriate the names of winds for some of its cars, but the quartet of Maserati GTs from the 1960s and 1970s, were more deserving of the implication ‘goes like the wind’ than some others – the Lincoln and Ford Zephyrs, the Holden Camira and even the Volkswagen Scirocco (with its gratuitous additional ‘c’ after the capital S) all come to mind.

2022 Maserati Ghibli Trofeo

The addition of a 572bhp V8 turns the Ghibli into a genuine M5 rival – but one with a satisfyingly subtle approach to the supersaloon.

2006 Maserati GranSport Spyder Tipo M138

Maserati Spyder Rare GranSport. Enigma Machine. The GranSport marked a real high point for Maserati in the new millennium. So why were only 26 drop-top GranSports ever sold in the UK? We grab a rare test drive to find out

2022 Maserati MC20

Maserati’s comeback trail is full of twists and turns – perfect for testing the new MC20

Maserati 3500 GT triple test - Early Maserati heaven – times three!

Maserati’s first ever road car, the 3500 GT was hugely appreciated as a grand tourer in its day, before suffering neglect as a classic. Its reputation is now being restored – and so are the cars, as one man’s hat-trick clearly shows

2022 Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo

Maserati’s new 580hp Quattroporte Trofeo offers supercar pace with limousine space. How does it drive?

2022 Maserati Ghibli Hybrid

Shock Tactic Diesel is dead – long live hybrid. So says Maserati. We test the Trident’s brave new universe in the four-cylinder Ghibli Hybrid.

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