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Awesome modded 350bhp 2004 BMW M3 E46/2S

Pure M-Car Perfection — Combining power, handling and styling upgrades into one perfect package, this stunning E46 M3 is a performance masterpiece.

2000 BMW 330Ci Clubsport Manual E46/2

When BMW collector Matt Swanborough wanted a track day toy he didn’t need to think too long and hard about which model ticked all the right boxes...

2003 BMW M3 CSL E46/2S

In this, the 50th anniversary year of BMW Motorsport, could the E46 M3 CSL be the greatest M-car of all? Glen Waddington finds out.

Hardcore track-focused 3.3-litre 387bhp BMW M3 E46

Built for ultimate track performance, this CSL-styled E46 M3 will sing for you the song of its people, and it’s an NA symphony you won’t forget…

463bhp 1JZ-GTE engined 2000 BMW 328Ci E46/2

Logan West creates his take on the ultimate driving machine — A 1JZ-packing street-legal slider

2000 BMW 330Ci Clubsport Automatic E46/2

Without the visual marker of an M badge, the E46 330Ci Clubsport flies under the radar of the general populace: everyday thrills, delivered with subtle panache.

Seriously slick supercharged 300bhp BMW 325Ci E46

Serving up slick OEM+ styling, on-point stance, and a healthy dose of supercharged power, this seriously tasty E46 demonstrates perfectly why the fourth-gen 3 Series is a modder’s dream.

Awesome 370whp BMW M3 E46 build

With CSL styling, BBS E88s and a whole host of engine and chassis upgrades, this epic E46 M3 build takes the already awesome M machine to the next level

Stunning supercharged 380hp BMW 330i Touring E46

Fusing the disparate styles of the E46 M3 and Aston Martin DB7, Sav Kannides’ 330i Touring is a big-power sleeper with a dreamy spec.

1021whp turbo BMW M3 Coupe E46/2S

Pushing out over 1000whp, this stunning Laguna Seca E46 M3 is a simply staggering performance build that’s on a whole other level

Wide-body BMW 325Ci E46

It takes an extraordinary sense of vision to fuse outrageous wide-body styling with a sober OEM shade of grey. But then, we do live in extraordinary times…

Air Lift and Rocket Bunny Pandem widebody kit 2000 BMW 325Ci E46

Phil Moore may be ‘just an average dude who likes cars’ but, as this Soul Red widebody E46 demonstrates, his modifying prowess is anything but average…

2005 BMW 330Cd E46

Would you take a punt on a sixteen-year-old diesel with over 200k on the clock? Mike Evans did, and he’s over the moon with it…

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