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First production-series car with a reverse camera 1990 Toyota Soarer Limited

A recent study by US automotive consumer guide Edmunds revealed around 15 000 people are injured in automobile incidents while a vehicle is reversed in the United States alone. It’s a sobering statistic; one that becomes all the more tragic when we consider that of those, 210 are fatal and 31% involves children.

​2022 Toyota Kluger

Among Toyota’s myriad multi-seater options, the fourth-generation Kluger installs itself as the singular car-based choice for Aussie buyers more focused on crossing suburbs than going cross-country

300-mile test The pros and cons of hydrogen explored in the new 2022 Toyota Mirai Mk2

In search of the special source. Toyota’s thoroughly overhauled Mirai Mk2 is better in every way. But what of the hydrogen filling network?

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