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1978 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 NART Spider

Unseen in public since 1988, this ultra-rare and forward-thinking Ferrari 365 GTB/4 NART Spider will soon be unleashed at The Quail, Monterey. David Lillywhite got to see it first.

BBS RF 1.6 Litre 1978 Volkswagen Golf Mk1

While manufacturers are obsessed with making everything electric these days, most enthusiasts seem more set than ever on keeping the gasoline dream alive.

1978 Ford Escort Ghia Mk2, Mexico front and rear spoilers, quarter bumpers, tinted windows

The Escort Ghia was always pitched as a posh and aspirational spec. And in his quest to build a South London-style Mk2 in Malta, Ruben Schembri didn’t want to lose any of that baked-in fanciness…

1978 MGB GT

Gavin Edwards has his late father to thank for his love of MGs so he thanked him in the best way possible by building a B GT as a tribute.

Resto-modded 1978 Volkswagen Derby LS Mk1 - rare splits, reworked interior & twin carbs

Taking on an ultra-rare, water-cooled VW as a project can soon turn into a tricky task as Steve Holden found out with this stunning 1978 Mk1 Derby.

1978 Opel Monza 3.0E

The Opel Monza lived its life in the shadow of more fancied coupés from Munich, Stuttgart and Coventry, and survival numbers are low. Did it deserve a better fate?

Modified 1978 Mini Pick-up

Serial Mini owner and classic car connoisseur Paul Moran found this Pick-up decomposing quietly on a farm. He has brought it back to life with MG Metro power and a show-winning specification.

1978 Jaguar XJ12C

We sample a V12 coupe with just 23,000 miles under its wheels and that ’70s new-car smell.

1978 Fiat X1/9 Lido

The Fiat X1/9 is turning 50 but its philosophy still feels fresh. We try an early 1300 for size to the cutprice, mid-engined trailblazer’s legacy today.

1978 Nissan 280ZX based 800bhp Devil Z or Air Breathing Research S130z

A car cloaked in infamy. A car masked in mystery. A car playing a facade for the devil.

1978 Porsche 928 Automatic

911 & Porsche World reader, Adam Kravitz, owns an early 928 on each side of the Atlantic. We caught up with him in London to learn more about his passion for the underappreciated ‘land shark’...

1978 Audi 100 GLS C2 Typ 43

Radical, yet refined and restrained, shockingly few examples of the ground-breaking second-generation Audi 100 survive. Did it deserve a better fate?

1978 Fiat 124 Sport Spider 1800

If you’ve ever dreamed of a romantic Valentine’s weekend getaway, chances are that dream has evoked a classic Italian convertible of some description, even if the dream doesn’t exactly materialise as intended

Ferrari Boxers 1974 365 GT4 BB vs. 1978 512 BB and 1983 512 BBi

It’s very rare to gather all three major evolutions of Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer together – even more so in right-hand drive. We’re still pinching ourselves that we’ve driven them all, but which one delivers the knockout punch for us?

1978 Lancia Sibilo

The collection of Milan-based Architect Corrado Lopresto ranks among the best in the world. The Key — an annual which ranks individuals based on the value and provenance of their collections — placed Lopresto at 22nd: more significant than Andreas Mohringer, but not quite so important as Ralph Lauren. Though, if you are like me and think a list is just another divisive tactic to get people arguing over something they might normally bond over, you can appreciate the life’s work of Corrado Lopresto for what it is: an immense and valuable tribute to Italian automotive design.

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