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Beautiful air-ride 1993 BMW 525i Automatic E34

When he was planning this E34 build, James Cook knew just what he wanted: clean, subtle, flawless…

Eye-popping Individual 580bhp BMW M4 F82

Is an BMW M4 F82 a sensible family car? Well, yes and no. Mostly no, if you put a roll-cage in it. But for Jörg Stulken, this familial bond runs a little deeper.

2023 Brabus Crawler

Mercedes Enthusiast is invited to test the latest machines from tuner Brabus, including the Crawler, a near-900bhp dune buggy dripping with intent and attitude, and the S-Class-based 600 limousine.

1985 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 W201

A nut-and-bolt restoration of this 190E 2.3-16 has allowed Jaz Duley to rekindle his treasured memories of youth.

LSA-engined 540bhp 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle

It’s not uncommon for kids to become a product of their environment and gravitate toward whatever it is that gets their attention. When passing through those influential teenage years, the guy down the street with the hopped-up muscle car who spends a good amount of time wrenching and cruising the neighborhood in a car with a highly pronounced exhaust and a burley V-8 underhood can easily suck a kid into the scene.

250bhp 2011 Mini Coupe Cooper S 1.6 R58

There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe, but sometimes it’s nice to go wild, and this R58 Coupé does exactly that.

R32 3.2-litre VR6 Supercharged 500hp 1990 Volkswagen Scirocco Mk2 Typ 53B

Fusing intercontinental style with innovative ideas and a high-end finish, this gloriously chocolatey 1990 Volkswagen Scirocco Mk2 Typ 53B is flying the flag for brown enthusiasts everywhere.

Ex-Top Gear 1994 BMW 850Ci E31

This 1994 BMW 850Ci E31  is a former star of TV’s Top Gear, once raced by Richard Hammond, since rescued and reborn following an eight-year lay-up thanks to a dedicated BBC crew member.

1975 Ford Granada Coupe 3.0-litre Automatic XL Mk1

Ford Heritage: The Mk1 Granada Coupe was Ford’s archetypal 1970s luxury tourer. And with a stellar resto and a few special touches, this South African survivor is a fine example of the breed.

Unique 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo E20 hides 252bhp F20C 2.0-litre Honda power!

This modified 2002 can do it all: it’s a reliable daily, a manic track weapon, practical for the school run, a gleaming showstopper – but it’s hiding a surprise under the bonnet…

Wild wide-body S50-swapped BMW M3 E36/2S

The plan for this car was that there was no plan. Sometimes the results are all the sweeter when left in the hands of fate…

Gorgeous air-ride 1973 BMW 520 E12

It may glister like gold, but this E12 is, in fact, Amazonite green. And that’s not the only secret it’s hiding…

1963 Fiat Abarth 1000 Bialbero GT ‘Duck-Tail’

The heart-warming story of a freshly restored 1963 Abarth 1000 Bialbero GT ‘Duck-Tail’, which still holds the world land speed record in the 1.0-litre class

1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750

So many pre-war Italian cars might have made it on to our Top 12 list: the Lancia Lambda for its pioneering unitary construction; the Fiat Topolino for how it democratised transport; or the Lancia Aprilia for its advanced engineering. Instead, it’s one of the greatest sports cars of all time that has exerted an irresistible pull on us: the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750. Those ‘6C’ alpha-numerals simply signify six cylinders, but in Alfa lore that represents something very special. While there had been Alfa straight-six engines before (the G1 of 1921 and the Merosi-designed RL of 1923), it was engineer Vittorio Jano, who joined Alfa Romeo in September 1923, who catapulted the format to the height of success with his 1.5-litre ‘six’. The new powerplant entered production as the 6C 1500 in 1927.

1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Any list of the greatest cars ever has to include a Ferrari 250 GT. Trouble is, almost all are stratospherically expensive, up to and including the world’s most valuable car, the 250 GTO. Within our £1.5 million price cap, there’s a choice of just two 250 GTs: the GTE 2+2 or the GT Lusso. Considering it’s possibly the most beautiful Ferrari ever made, the GT Lusso seems unfairly undervalued. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s our favourite road-going Ferrari GT of all time.

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